What is RAMP?
You may be asking, “What is RAMP?” RAMP, an acronym for recreation, arts, museums and parks, referes to a tax initiative that voters in Weber County passesd in November of 2004, nearly ten years ago. It authorizes Weber County to receive one penny in retail sales tax on every ten dollar purchase. The money is collected yearly in a RAMP “pot” and is directly invested in community projects through a grant process. A group of 15 citizens in the community serve on the RAMP board for three year terms with seven members serving on the Arts and Museums Committee, seven on the Parks and Recreation and a Board Chair who oversees both. 
Who Benefits?
Every citizen in Weber County benefits from RAMP. Benefits extend to tourists and visitors as well as those who use our trail systems, parks, recreational facilities, museaums, or participate in a myriad of cultural events and festivals. In turn, RAMP benefits from tourists or visitors who choose to spend their dollars within the county by adding precious pennies to the pot. Every municipality in the county benefits from RAMP by receiving a minimum of $5000 or $1 per resident to spend on eligible project`s that further recreation facilities or cultural events. Population estimates are derived from the Governor’s Office and the US Census Bureau. So even though Huntsville Town may only have 608 residents, they would recieve $5000 of RAMP funds whereas Ogden City would receive $82,825 and Roy City $36,884 based upon population. In addition, over 90 eligible organizations have benefited from RAMP. RAMP funds help to build soccer fields, parks, hiking trails, pathways, an ice skating rink and sports complex, restrooms, pickleball courts, splash pads and community centers. RAMP has also bolstered cultural projects for eligible non-profit organizations such as Union Station, Treehouse Museum and the South Ogden Nature Park Amphitheater. 
 Amount of Funds
Funds collected for RAMP serve as an economic indicator reflecting the health of our local economy. For example, in 2012, RAMP received $2,606,395 for distribution; in 2013 $2,7552,130 and in 2014, $4,082,995. This year’s increase in RAMP funds of $327,825 represents a lot of pennies on a $10 purchase! It means that $32,782,800 more dollars were spent in the country this year than last. The economy is improving! 
Independent & Transparent
The RAMP board enjoys an independence from political persuasion allowing the community’s best interest to come first and foremost. Members are nominated and selected based upon factors such as community involvements, fields of experience, work ethic and service, areas of residency and references. All committee members have equal power to rank and score applications based on their own judgement. The RAMP Board spends hundreds of hours individually and collectively reading and familiarizing themselves with the requests. A Liason from the RAMP Board is assigned to each organization to clarify issues or resolve questions on the application. The Board convenes and makes recommendations to the Weber County Commissioners. In the history of the RAMP program that has become a guiding star in the state. RAMP puts the needs of Weber County first and enhances the wonderful organizations that strive to provide excellence with opportunity and diversity for all. 
Cost vs. Benefits 
Have you ever wondered what an average family contributes to RAMP? An indepedent accountant did some research and analysis for household investments towards RAMP using IRS tables that estimate the sales tax based on family size and income. For example, a family of four with a $65,000/year income, without any major purchases would pay about $12.65 per year for $3 million in community benefits. (Because taxes, insurance, mortgages, and many other things are not subject to sales tax, only about $20,000 of the $65,000 would be spent on retail purchases that have sales tax added. That sales tax comes to $1,082.45/year. Of that, part is for food that is not subject to the RAMP 0.1% tax. An estimate of $600/month on food leaves only $12,650 subject to the RAMP tax or $12.65.)

Re-Elected RAMP
RAMP will be on the ballot for public vote this November 4th. We strongly urge you to educate yourself about the remarkable projects made possible by RAMP and to vote YES!
Council Meeting Updates
P W    &    P A R K S
Fall Maintenance: The Public Works Department will soon begin annual Fall maintenance around the city.  This consists of  sweeping the city streets and pruning trees.  
It is the resident’s responsibility to prune trees in the park strip.  This does require a permit at no charge and is available at City Hall or on our website. 
Just as a reminder, the City does not offer programs for picking up bagged leaves. It is the residents’ responsibility to discard them properly. 
Please keep gutters clean of fallen leaves and please do not sweep fallen leaves from your property into the gutter as it can cause clogging to the City’s storm drain system.  Individuals caught dumping items into city gutters or storm drain system will be criminally prosecuted and may be required to pay all costs associated with the cleanup of areas it may affect downstream. If you suspect or witness illegal dumping into our storm drain system, please notify the Public Works Department at 801-622-2900.
Clean-up Program: The Neighborhood Cleanup Program and Mixed/Green Waste Trailer Rental will be available until November 1, 2014.  If you are interested in renting, please contact the Public Works Department at 801-622-2900
P O L I C E     D E P T.
Annual Trunk or Treat: The police department welcomes South Ogden residents to attend the annual South Ogden Police Department “Trunk or Treat” at the South Ogden Jr. High School parking lot. Decorate your trunks and come join the fun! Please note, the annual Pooch Parade-costume contest for dogs, has been moved to October 17 and will be taking place as part of the Ghouls on Goblins Festival. (See back page for details)
F I R E     D E P T.
Fire Dept. Open House: The fire department is hosting an open house for the community on Wednesday, October 8, from 5pm-8pm. All community members are invited to attend. Activities at the open house include:
*Extinguisher Training
*Live Fire Demonstrations
*Station Tours
*Fire Engine, Ambulance & Ladder Truck Exhibits
Hot dogs and cookies will be served. This event will take place at station 81 in South Ogden, located at 3950 Adams Ave. Questions, contact the South Ogden Fire Department at: 801-622-2750.
S P E C I A L   E V E N T S

Open Mic Night: South Ogden City recently received a RAMP grant to host Open Mic Nights in South Ogden. This activity is open to the community to come and enjoy or to perform.

Performers are encouraged to express themselves through a musical or vocal talent, poetry or dance. All ages are welcome to register to perform. Lemonade from Beans and Brews and cookies from Fresh Market will be provided to all performers and audience members. Pre-register as performer or register day-of. Mark your calendars now and follow South Ogden City on Facebook for updates regarding these activities.

Next Open Mic Night: October 9, 7pm 


  Fiesta Fiesta: Thank you t o everyone who attended the Fiesta Fiesta community celebration! We want to especially thank our main sponsor, Wasatch Peaks Credit Union for their support of the event. Here are a few things that took place at the event:
-1st Place in Chihuahua Dog Races: Max.
-1st Place in Community Art Competition: Jaime Contreras.
-Restaurant voted “Best Salsa of Weber County”: Costa Vida.
-Over $800 were raised for local schools!
-39 Volunteers dedicated their evening to producing the event for the community. 
-29 businesses donated items, provided volunteers and set-up vendor booths to suport the event. 
 It was a great activity and we appreciate your support!

A N I M A L    S E R V I C E S

Foster An Animal and Save a Life: South Ogden Animal Services has a great animal adoption program, with nearly 700 lives saved so far this year!  We help other high-kill shelters by transferring in their adoptable dogs and cats and then placing them in local foster homes until they can be spayed or neutered and taken to our weekly adoption events to find their new homes.  We are in urgent need of more foster homes for the dogs and cats to stay in temporarily until they can be placed in new homes.  If you could provide care in your home for a homeless dog or cat for a short time and want to get involved in this life-saving effort, please apply at the police department between 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday.  A short background check will be conducted.  Questions?  Call us at 801-622-2800


Junior Jazz: South Ogden Recreation will be holding registration for its 2015 Boys Junior Jazz Basketball program Oct. 13 through November 16. The program is open to all boys grades 3-9. Cost is $45 for South Ogden residents and $50 for non-residents.  Please register online at  If you have any questions or need more information please call 801-622-2950.

Election Day: Mark your calendars, Election Day is November 4!  With the Election approaching so quickly, now is a great time to check your registration status.  Have you moved recently?  Does your voter registration reflect your current name?  You can check all of this information and more at the State’s website:; or the County’s website at 
In addition to checking your current voter registration information at these two websites, you may register to vote, check out candidate profiles, locate your polling place and much more.
If you haven’t checked out the Weber County Election website lately, you are missing out.  We have been working hard to update it with useful information and resources to help Weber County voters be informed.  
voter id requirements.

Voters are required to show ID at the polls in Utah:  Utah’s laws are less restrictive than many other state’s laws.  Generally, the voter must provide a government issued photo ID or two forms of ID which provide the voter’s name and evidence of residency.  This second form of ID includes, but is not limited to, utility bills, employer ID cards, student ID cards or vehicle registrations.  For a complete list of acceptable documents, please visit the Elections website:
 early voting
The November 4 General Election is quickly approaching.  There will be six locations in Weber County for residents to vote early.  Any eligible Weber County resident who has registered on, or prior to October 20, will be eligible to vote at the following locations: Marriott-Slaterville City Hall, North Branch Library, Ogden Valley Branch Library, Roy Municipal Building, South Ogden Municipal Building, and The Weber Center.  
Early voting will also be available on Saturday, October 25 at the Weber Center and the Ogden Valley Branch Library from 11:00AM to 3:00PM. 
There are many benefits to voting early. Voting early allows people to find a time  and place that is convenient for them.  In addition, there are often minimal wait times and plenty of parking at Early Vote locations. The early vote location in South Ogden is:
-South Ogden Municipal Building
3950 S Adams Ave, South Ogden
9AM-5PM, Weekdays October 21-31
 FAQ’s: How can I check my registration or find my polling place?
You may visit or call the Weber County Clerk’s Office at (801) 399-7411.  If you log on to, you will be able to check your registration contact information, check your party affiliation, check your precinct location and even see whether your ballot has been counted.
How do I find out who is running for office in the current election?
You may visit the State website at or the County website at  Both of these websites provide candidate names, contact information, any applicable financial filings that the candidates have provided and much more information.

 What is Vote By Mail?  Is it the same as an Absentee ballot?
Vote By Mail is a convenient program that allows you to receive your ballot at your mailing address.    Vote By Mail is commonly referred to as Absentee Voting.  There is no difference between the two and any voter is eligible to request a Vote By Mail ballot.  A voter may request to be added to the Permanent Vote By Mail list, or if you prefer, you may request a Vote By Mail ballot for a specific election or time period.  To be added to the Permanent Vote By Mail list, a new registration must be submitted.  Registrations are available to download or fill out on-line at  Requests for the November election must be made by October 30th. 
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October Trivia Challenge!
September 2014 Trivia QUESTION:In what year did South Ogden Jr. High catch fire and was eventually demolished due todamages?  ANSWER: 2008
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