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South Ogden City would like to invite all South Ogden Businesses to join the South Ogden Business Alliance (SOBA)! This program hosted by South Ogden City is a great networking opportunity for business of any size. SOBA helps local business leaders become familiar with others in the area and stay abreast of changes and local events.

•Who’s Invited? All South Ogden Businesses Owners/Managers
•What does the meeting include? Networking, Education & Free Lunch!
•Where are the Meetings held? Most meetings are held at The South Ogden Community Center located at 560 39th St. South Ogden, UT 84403. Occasionally meetings are sponsored by SOBA member and held at their locations
•When at the meetings held? SOBA meetings are always held the first Wednesday of every month from 12noon to 1pm.
FREE Lunch!
Lunch is always provided for those who attend, free of charge. Many members use the lunch time to connect and build relationships with other members.

30 second Commercials
This is an opportunity for all members to introduce themselves and talk about the company/business they represent. This also gives businesses the opportunity to promote monthly specials or other specific items related to your businesses.

5 Minutes to a Better Business Message
This Educational Message is presented by either a SOBA Member or a Guest that is a professional on the specific business improvement topic of the month. This is a short, quick way to get useful information and ideas to help your business thrive in our changing economy!

SOBA Member Presentations
Two SOBA members are given the opportunity to share an 8 minute personal presentation to the group.  Oftentimes members use this opportunity to showcase their business. Other times, presenters simply share an informative, inspirational or educational message with the group. For those interested in presenting, names are drawn at random and those selected members become the presenters at the following month’s meeting.

Prize Drawings
At the end of the meeting, there is a prize drawing for those in attendance. Also, a drawing is held to for the opportunity to be featured as the “Business Spotlight” in the South Ogden printed and online newsletters!

Questions about SOBA? Contact Doug Gailey at or call (801)622-2705
City Council Update
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P O L I C E     D E P T.

Vaccination Clinic: Rabies Clinic on Saturday, March 12 from 12noon-3pm at the South Ogden Animal Shelter (5600 S. Adams Ave. in South Ogden). Dog and cat vaccinations will be available as well as South Ogden and Washington Terrace animal licenses. All Weber County residents are welcome to attend.
Rabies: $10.00
Dog Combo: $25.00
Cat Combo: $25.00

BIG THANK YOU to to South Ogden Animal Services Staff and Volunteers!South Ogden is truly appreciative of all the staff and volunteers who willingly give their time and talents to help make South Ogden Animal services a step above the rest! We are proud of all that the Animal Services team provides for our community and want to publicly recognize them for all they do. THANK YOU!!!

Point of Contact for Non-Emergency Fire Situations: If your carbon monoxide (co2) detector or smoke alarm go off, you need to contact our dispatch center. They will contact the fire personnel on their paging system or radio. They have important information to assist you until the units arrive. Please do not call your local fire station directly. We do not have personnel answering phones 24/7, and your call to a business line may go unanswered.
*For all emergencies dial 911
*For non-emergencies contact our fire and police dispatch at (801) 395-8221.
P. W.  &  P A R K S
Neighborhood Clean-up Program: The Neighborhood Cleanup Program requires a $100 deposit plus five signatures from neighbors who will be participating in the cleanup. Applications are available on our website at or at the Public Works office located at 5590 S 600 E. If you have any questions, please call Carrie at 801-622-2901.
Trailer Rental: The South Ogden Cleanup Program and Mixed/Green Waste Trailer/Roll off Rentals will begin April 1, 2016. Prices for the trailer/roll off are $45/$55 for a green waste trailer/roll off and $80/$100 for a mixed waste trailer/roll off.
A $100 deposit is required with each rental.
Co-ed T-ball and Coach Pitch: South Ogden City Recreation will be holding registration for Co-Ed T-ball and Coach Pitch from Feb. 29, 2016 until March 27, 2016. Cost will be $35 for residents and $40 for non-residents. This is for youth in Pre-k through 2nd Grade. For more information please call 801-622-2950 or register online at
Girls Softball & Boys Baseball: South Ogden City Recreation will be holding registration for Girls Softball and Boys Baseball from Feb. 29, 2016 until March 27, 2016. Cost will be $45 for residents and $50 for non-residents. This is for youth in 3rd through 9th Grade. For more information please call 801-622-2950 or register online at

Adult Co-ed Kickball: South Ogden City Recreation will be holding registration for Adult Co-ed Kickball Feb. 22, 2016 – Mar. 20, 2016. You must register as a team for this activity. Cost will be $350 a team. This is for adult men or women 16 years of age or older. For more information please call 801-622-2950 or register online at
"Hunting for Better Health" Annual Easter Egg Hunt:It’s that time of year again for the Easter Egg Hunt! The egg hunt will be at Friendship Park (655 E. 5500 S.) in South Ogden on Saturday, March 26 from 9am-11am. South Ogden City is looking to use this event to support the “60 minutes of active-play each day” initiative, encouraging children to become more active each day. As a result, this event will focus more on providing children with opportunities to play and less on candy. Many of our prizes this year will be activity-centered (balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc...)If you are interested in donating items for this event or volunteering, please contact us at 801-622-2700. More information is also available online at
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