Somali Legal Aid Newsletter | June - September 2015

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SLAN Newsletter: Welcome

Welcome to the second edition of the Somali Legal Aid Network (SLAN) newsletter! 
SLAN has had a very busy couple of months, which included the first SLAN roundtable, held in Addis Ababa in June. This newsletter focuses on legal advocacy, and includes an overview of successful advocacy undertaken by SLAN members. It also includes a feature on an exciting new phone application called eyeWitness, and we would like to know whether you think it could help with your work.

The aim of the SLAN is to bring Somali lawyers together to share information, learn and identify strategies to overcome common challenges. We hope you enjoy this newsletter and would very much like to know your thoughts on it, so please get in touch with your feedback!

Key Legislative Developments

 In Somaliland, the House of Representatives have passed a new Bill clearly outlining the responsibilities of the different Government Ministries. The Bill has now been submitted to the House of Guurti (Elders).

 The Federal Government of Somalia has publicly announced plans to ban FGM through legislation. The first draft of the FGM bill will be ready in early September.
 In Mogadishu, a new Anti-Terrorism Bill has been submitted to Parliament. The Bill, if passed, will give security forces special powers to address terrorism.
 In Somaliland, the House of Representatives approved its Agenda for the current session, and included the Sexual Offences Bill. It is due to be presented to the House in the coming weeks.
“Time has come for us to eradicate this bad practice [FGM] and protect the rights of girls and women in our country.”
- Sahra Mohammed Ali Samatar,
Minister of Women and Human Rights Development, Federal Government of Somalia 

First SLAN Roundtable, Addis Ababa

The first Somali Legal Aid Network (SLAN) Roundtable took place in Addis Ababa from 19-20 June 2015. It was an opportunity for SLAN members from Somaliland, Puntland and South Central regions of Somalia to meet together to discuss key substantive and procedural issues. The roundtable provided an excellent starting point for the development of the SLAN framework, procedures and priorities. You can read a full summary of the first SLAN Roundtable here.
      Roundtable Ways Forward:
  1. SLAN members identified key advocacy priorities for the SLAN.
  2. Regional consultations will take place on Security Guidelines for legal aid providers, on the leadership and functioning of the SLAN, and to develop an Action Plan on key priorities.
  3. SLAN members requested regional consultations on the establishment and development of bar associations and legal aid policies.
  4. SLAN will seek to establish relationships and partnerships with foreign universities and legal aid clinics.

Key Priorities of SLAN Members

SLAN members identified the following issues as priorities during the SLAN Roundtable and through subsequent correspondence with LAW:
  • Harmonise the Somali legal systems, so that formal law, customary law and Shari’a law are not in conflict                             
  • Arbitrary arrest and detention by security forces                               
  • Forced Evictions remain a priority for SLAN members                         
  • Access to justice for survivors of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV)                             
  • Development and establishment of Bar Associations and legal aid policies

eyeWitness Phone App

eyeWitness is a phone application that is aimed at human rights defenders, journalists, and citizens in conflict zones or other troubled regions around the world. The App provides a simple and effective way to capture photos and videos that are verifiable and can be used to investigate and prosecute individuals who commit atrocity crimes. eyeWitness then becomes an ongoing advocate for the footage to promote accountability for those who commit international crimes.


Successful Advocacy undertaken by SLAN Members

Sexual and Gender Based Violence

In Mogadishu, SSWC advocated for the rights of survivors. They informed survivors of their rights, and informally used advocacy when engaging with the government and police in cases where the alleged perpetrators belong to security forces.

In Mogadishu, SSWC advocated for the government to engage with SGBV at a national level. The government subsequently took ownership of the issue, and had leaders discuss SGBV as part of a forum about Islamic law. 

In Hargeisa, Amoud University have undertaken advocacy with the police, courts and other institutions on SGBV.

In Hargeisa, Baahi–Koob have undertaken advocacy activities with regard to the Sexual Offences Bill, and held workshops for elders and university students on SGBV.
In Garowe, PUWLA have advocated for the Sexual Offences Bill and for the FGM Bill.
Arbitrary Detention
In Garowe, PSU have advocated for an end to arbitrary detention. They have built a close working relationship with the police, and have sent students for internships with the police and held trainings for the police and CID on fair trial and pre-trial detention.

In Garowe, PUWLA have advocated on the issue of arbitrary detention through meetings with the police.

Political Representation of Women
SSWC highlighted a successful advocacy campaign undertaken by a group of women to increase the number of women in government. They formed a committee, which based its identity on gender, rather than clan. The group secured the deputy Prime Minister position.

Comparative Jurisdictions: Innovative Strategies 

Legal Strategy:
The Trial of 
Hissène Habré

Former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré will face trial in Senegal on charges of crimes against humanity, war crimes and torture before the Extraordinary African Chambers in 2015. This case was taken using the legal concept of universal jurisdiction. It is unique as it is the first case where courts in a third party state have prosecuted the former ruler of another state for alleged human rights abuses, and has been called “a milestone for justice in Africa.”

Advocacy Strategy:
Occupied Palestine

In Occupied Palestine, Palestinian and Israeli lawyers came together to fight a bill proposed by the Israeli government to majorly reduce international funding to human rights NGOs in Israel and Occupied Palestine. They submitted a joint statement to the government condemning the proposed bill, and together they succeeded in stopping the Bill from being passed.

Palestinian, Israeli and international lawyers also established a Legal Advocacy Working Group, which was chaired by LAWs Executive Director, Antonia Mulvey. The purpose of the Working Group was to identify key legal cases or issues, and find the most effective way to address them: for example, through strategic litigation or individual cases. 

The Working Group worked with 7 partners to stop the eviction of 20,000 Palestinians from their homes. The Working Group also used to brief donors on key legal issues, which proved very effective in securing funding. 

Activities of SLAN Members

In Mogadishu, SWDC took 28 cases to court, 4 of which resulted in convictions, and included cases assisting 7 families who were forcibly evicted from their land. SWDC resolved 122 cases through mediation.
In Mogadishu, COGWO provided free legal assistance to 205 people accused of committing crimes. COGWO undertook a number of visits to police stations to assist minority groups.
In Hargeisa, Amoud University Law Clinic participated in mobile courts with the Minister of Justice.

Capacity Building & Training
In Mogadishu, SWDC organised a forum on community based mediation mechanisms for traditional elders

In Mogadishu, COGWO carried out a legal awareness campaign, providing legal information and mediation services in IDP camps and communities.
COGWO have undertaken legal aid assessments in Baladwyen, Hiran region as part of their strategy to expand legal aid services to other south central regions of Somalia. COGWO intend to conduct a similar assessment in Ceelbur District, Galgadud. 

Challenges faced by SLAN Members

Funding continues to be a challenge for SLAN members, who expressed their support for a legal aid basket fund. The current lack of structures and systems results in money being wasted through inefficient funding.
Frequent changes in district authorities and commanders of the district police was identified as a challenge by one SLAN member in Mogadishu.
Security remains a key concern for SLAN members. In Mogadishu, one member reported that their lawyers have been facing intimidation and threats linked to specific cases they are taking, and that some of their paralegals were arrested in the course of their work. 

Sexual Offences Bill

Sexual Offences Bills have been drafted for Somaliland, Puntland and Federal Government regions of Somalia, and will be presented to Parliament over the coming months. LAW will circulate advocacy materials on these Bills in November 2015. More information on these Bills and the drafting process is available here.
Sexual Violence in Somalia: Challenging Impunity
Sexual Violence in Somalia: Challenging Impunity is a short film about the widespread and increasing levels sexual violence in Somalia, and what can be done to stop it. The film explores how a newly drafted Sexual Offences Bill in Federal Government of Somalia will help survivors to access justice and end impunity for sexual violence in Somalia, once it is enacted.
Key Dates
30 September 2015:         Hargeisa Regional Consultation
21 October 2015:              Mogadishu Regional Consultation
To be confirmed:              Garowe Regional Consultation
Please let us know what you are doing so that we can include it in the next newsletter. Have you successfully used any new legal strategies? Are there any new legislative updates that you can share? What challenges have you faced? Do you know of any upcoming key dates for legislation, elections or trainings? Please also share any photos of your work, or any photos that you think may be of interest to the network. Contact: 

Ku soodhowow Daabacaada Labaad ee Warsidaha (SLAN) ee Somali Legal Aid Network! 
SLAN waxa uu soo maray laba bilood oo aad u mashquul badan oo la qabtay hawlo ay kamid yahay qabashada, kulankii u horeeyey ee SLAN yeelato, kaasoo lagu qabtay Addis Ababa bishii June. Warsidahani wuxu xoogga saaraa  baahinta adeegga  Sharciga, iyo soo gudbinta xog kooban oo ku aadan guulaha waxbadyada  xubnaha ka trirsan SLAN. Waxa kaloo warsiduhu koobayaa macluumaad la xidhiidha  ka faa’iideysiga adeeg cusub oo a telefoon la yidhaa goob jooge  ama Eye Witness, taasi oo aan jecelnahay in aynu falnqayno si aynu wax uga ogaano in adeegsiga addeggan cusub ee taleefanku wax ku kordhin karo shaqadeenna .
Ujeedada SLAN waa inay isukeento looyarrada Somaliyeed si warbixin ukala qaataan, wax  ukala korodhsadaan, oo ay yeeshaan istaraatijiyad ay kaga gudbaan caqabadaha guud. Waxaanu rejeynaynaa inaad ku istareexdaan Warsidahan, waxaanu weliba aad ujecelnahay inaanu helno fikradihiina, sidaa awgeed, fadlan, nala soo xidhiidh jawaab-celintiina !

Dhacdooyinka Sharciyeed ee Muhiimka ah


 Somalilandna, Aqalka Wakiiladu wuxu ansixiyey Xeer muujinaya masuuliyadaha Wasaaradaha kaladuwan ee Dawlada. Xeerka imika waxa loo gudbiyey Golaha Guurtida.

 Dawladda Federaalka ee Somalia waxay si guud ugu dhawaaqday qorsheyaal ay ku mamnuucayso FGM iyadoo shuruucda umaraysa. Qabyo-qoraalka uhorreeyey ee xeerka FGM wuxu diyaar noqonayaa horraanta bisha September.
 Magaalada Mogadishu, Qabyo qoraalka Xeerka ladagaalanka  Argagixisada ayaa loo gudbiyey Baarlamanka. 
 Somalilandna, Aqalka Wakiiladu wuxu ogolaaday Ajendihiisa kalfadhigan, oo ku soo daray Qabyo qoraalka  Xeerka kufisga iyo Xad-gudubka jinsiga. Qabyo qoraaka xeerkaasina waxa la filayaa  in la hordhigi doono Golaha wiigagan soosocda.
“Waxaynu joognaa waqtigii aan dabar-jari lahayn caadadan xun ee aynu ilaalin lahayn xuquuqda gabadhaha iyo haweenka dalkeenna.” 

– sidaa waxa tidhi Marwo Sahra Mohammed Ali Samatar,
Wasiirka Haweenka iyo Horumarinta Xuquuqul Insaanka 


Kulanka ugu Horreeyey Madasha SLAN,
Addis Ababa 

Kulankii u horreeyey ee Somali Legal Aid Network, marka la soo gaabiyona  loo yaqaan (SLAN), waxa lagu qabtay Addis Ababa 19-20 June 2015.

Waxay u ahayd fursad xubnaha SLAN oo ka kala yimid Somaliland, Puntland iyo gobollada Koonfurta Dhexe ee Somalia si ay u kulmaan oo ay uga wadahadlaan arrimo muhiim ah oo ahmiyad weyn u leh. Kulankaasi oo wada tashi ahaana  wuxuu ahaa mid bar billow u ah falanqaynta dajinta qaab-hawleedka, hannaanka iyo baahiyaha mudnaanta mudan ee  SLAN.

Halkan waxaad ka akhriyi kartaa warbixin kooban oo ku saabsan kulankii wada tashiga ahaa ee uhorreeyey ee SLAN.
Kulankii wadatashi ee uhorreeyey ee SLAN yeelato:  arimaha la isla meel dhigay
  1. Xubnaha SLAN waxay isla garteen mudnaanta koowaad inay tahay in loo hawl galo oo loo ololeeyo  SLAN.
  2. In la qabto Wadatashi goboleed lagu gorfeeyo  Nidaamka bad baadada ee bixiyeyaasha Gergaarka Addeegyada Sharciga, hoggaanka iyo hawlaha SLAN, iyo in la dajiyo  Qorshe Hawleedka lagu fulinayo baahiyahah mudnaanta mudan ee SLAN.
  3. Xubnaha SLAN waxay codsadeen in la qabto wadatashi goboleedyo lagaga arrinsado dhismaha iyo horumarin  Ururada Qareenada iyo dajinta Siyaasadaha Gergaarka Addeegga Sharciga.
  4. Xubnahu waxay isla  garteen in loo baahan yahay in SLAN raadiso una hawl gasho in ay la samaysato xidhiidh iyo wada shaqayn ama iskaashi  jaamacado iyo xarumaha gergaarka  addeegga sharciga ee wadamada kale 

Baahiyaha ugu mudan  ee Xubnaha SLAN

Xubnaha SLAN waxay isla garteen, intii lagu jirey kulanka wada tashi ee SLAN, in arrimaha soosocda yihiin baahiyahooda ugu mudan iyo in baaahiyahoodaasi xidhiidh joogto ahna laga  la yeesho lana sii marsiiyo  e Hay’ada LAW (Legal Action Worldwide):
  • In iswaafajiyo nidaamyada sharci  ee Somalida, si loo xaqiijiyo in  aaney is khilaafin sharciga rasmiga, xeerka dhaqanka iyo sahreecada islaamku.
  • xidhigga  iyo haynta sharci darada ah ee ay ku kacaan hay;adaha  amnigu  
  • Baro kicinta xoogga loo is timaalo   ( Force eviction) waxay mudnaan weyn utahay xubnaha SLAN.
  • Dhibenyeyaasha xad gudub yada jinsiga waa in ay helaan  Cadaalad .
  • Habaynta iyo horumarinta Ururada Qareennada iyo SiyaasadaGergaarka Sharciga.

eyeWitness Phone App

Barnaamijka Markhaatiga Goobjooge

Markhaatiga goobjooge waa barnaamij telefoon oo loolajeedo ilaalinta difaacayaasha xuquuqda aadamaha, weriyeyaasha, iyo muwaadiniinta deggan meelaha qasan ee adduunka. Barnaamijku wuxu leeyahay hab fudud oo wax-ku-ool ah oo loo qaado sawirrada iyo fiidiyowga kuwaasoo kagadaal laxaqiijin karo oo loo adeegsan karo in dembi-baadhista  iyo in dacwad lagu oogo dadka gala dembiyada waxashnimada. Markhaatiga goob jooge wuxu noqday ol’ole horey usocod  oo leh tusmo kor-u-qaadaysa laxisaabtanka kuwa gala dembiyada caalamiga. 


U doodista iyo ololeyaasha xaquuqal aadameha ee ay fuliyeen guulna ka gaadheen  Xubnaha SLAN

Xadgudubyada Jinsiga iyo Galamada

Magaalada Mogadishu, SSWC ayaa udooday xuquuqda dhibaneyaal kaladuwan. Waxay usheegeen dhibaneyaasha xuquuqdooda, iyagoo si aan rasmi ahayn ugala hadashay dawlada iyo booliska dhacdooyin lagu eedeeyey xubno ka tirsan  ciidanka nabadgelyada. 

Isla Magaalada Mogadishu, SSWC ayaa kala  hadashay una soo ban dhigtay dawlada inay si heer qaran ah looga hawl galo arimaha khuseeya xad gudubyada jinsiga iyo galmada. Dawladduna waxay si toos ah ula wareegtay lahaanshaha/masuuliyada arrinkan, oo hoggaamiyeyaashuna kaga hadleen xadgudubyada jinsiga iyo galmada  iadoo qaybka ha madal lagu lafo gurayey Shareecada  Islaamka. 

Hargeisa,  Ururka Baahi–Koob ayaa fuliyey qaadeyna ol’oleyaal lagu dhiri galinayo  hindise sharciyeedka  Xadgudubka Galmada ama Jinsiga, waxaanay aqoon-isweydaarsi kusaabsan Xadgudubyada  Jinsiga Kusalaysan uqabteen ardayda Jaamacada iyo odey dhaqameedyo. 

Hargeisa, Jaamacada Cammuud ayaa fulisey ol’oleyaal ku saabsan xadgudubyada Jinsiga oo kor loogu qaadayay wacyiga Booliska, Maxkamadaha iyo hay’ado kale . 
Garowe, PUWLA waxay u ol’oleeyeen  hindise sharciyeedyada  Xadgudubyada Jinsiga iyo Mamnuucidda  Gudniinka Fircooniga .. 

xadhig iyo haynta sharci darrada ah 
Magaalada Garowe, Jaamacadda PSU waxay u ololeysay joojinta  xadhiga iyo iska-haynta sharci darroda ah. Waxay xidhiidh wada shaqeyneed oo dhow la yeesheen Booliska, waxay arday udireen  si ay wax uga bartaan shaqada booliiska isla mar ahaantaana u siiyaan Booliska iyo qaybaha Dambi baadhista tababarro ku saabsan xaquuqaha qofka ee garsoor caddaalada ah iyo kuwa khuseeya marxaladda dhageysiga dacwadda ka horeysa -..

Isla Magaalada Garowe, PUWLA waxay qaadeen olole dhan ka ah xadhiga iyo iska-haynta sharci darada ah iyagoo kulmmo la qaatey ama la yeeshay Booliska.

Xaqa Haweenka ee Ka qaybgalka  arimaha Siyaasadda
SSWC waxay ifitiimisay olele ay hormood ka ahaayeen koox haween ah oo guulo la taaban karo kasoo hooyey kor dhinta  tirada  xubnaha haweenka  ugu jira dawlada. Waxay sameeyeen guddi kusalaysan mabd’a lammaaneha , oo aan beel kusalaysnayn. taasina waxay dhaxal siisey inay ku guuleystaan haweenku  kaalinta Ku-Xigeenka Ra’iisal Wasaaraha.

Keligii-taliyihii hore ee dalka Chad Hissène Habré ayaa maxkamad la horgeynayo “Golaha Afrikaanka ee Qayra-Caadiga” ee dalka Senegal  isagoo ku eedaysan dembiyada lidka ku ah bina-aadamnimada, dembiyada dagaalka iyo jidh-dil.

Dacwadan waxa loo qaadayaa iyadoo la adeegsanyo mabaadii’da sharciyeed ee xukunka caalamiga. Waa arrin aan-caadi ahayn mar haddii ay tahay dacwadii ugu horreysay ee ay maxkamad dal saddexaad ku soo oogto dembiyo ay kamid yihiin xadgudubka xuquuqda aadamaha hoggaamiye hore oo dal kale, waxaana lagu tilmaamay “cadaalada Africa oo heer sare gaadhay.” 
Hindisaha Istaraatijiyada  ololaynta (Advocacy Strategy)   Dhulka Falastiin ee Lahaysto  ee Falastiin  
Dhulka lahaysto ee Falastiin, waxa ka jiray Qareeno ama garyaqaano Falastiiniyiin iyo Israaiiliyiin ah oo isukaashaday kana soo horjeedsaday hindise sharciyeeed ay soo jeedisey Xukuumadda Israaiil, kaasi oo ay ku doonaysay siddi hoos loogu dhigi lahaa deeqaha maaliyadeed ee  ee ay helaan  Ururada Aan-Dawliga ahayn ee  Xuquuqda Aadamaha ka shaqeeya  ee ka hawlgala Israa iil iyo Dhulka lahaysto ee Falastiin. Qareenadaasi  waxay u gudbiyeen dawlada Israa iil qoraal ay wadajir u soo saareen oo dhaleecaynaya hindise sharciyeedkaasi, waxayna ku guulaysteen  joojinta an sixinta hindise sharciyeedkaasi. . Garyaqaano  Falastiiniyiin, Israeliyiin iyo kuwo caalamiya waxay sameeyeen Koox  Hawleed u ololeeya Xuquuqda Aadamaha oo la yidhaa Legal Advocacy Working Group, kaasoo uu guddoomiye u yahay Agaasimaha Fulinta ee Hay adda LAW, Marwo Antonia Mulvey,. Ujeedada Kooxdani waxay ahayd  in la ogaado  dhacdooyinka  ama dacwadaha   xaasaasiga  ah , oo isla markaana la helo  sida iyo Tabaha  ugu waxtarsan ee xal loogu heli karo dhacdooyinkaas iyaga ah  : tusaale ahaan, koox hawleeedkani waxay 7 urur okale kal shaqeeyeen in si midhodhal ah looga shaqeeyo in loo gudbiyo  dacwado maxkamadaha sharciga ah, waxaanay taasi keentey inay ku guleysteen inay baajiyaan fulinta qorshe 20,000 oo qof oo Falastiiniyiina guryahooda xoog lagaga saari lahaa.. Sidoo kale  Kooxd hawleedkanu  waxay ay warbixinno kooban  oo ku saabsan ariaha ama dhacdooyinka sharciga siin jireen  qaadhaan bixiyeyaasha, taasoo keentay inay helaan deeqo maaliyaddeed oo aad loo hubo. 

Hawlaha Xubnaha SLAN

Mogadishu gudaheeda, SWDC 28 dacwadood ayey maxkamad geysay, 4 kamida xukun baa kudhacay, iyo dacwado ay kacaawiyeen oo ay kujiraan 7 qoys oo si xoog ah looga kiciyey dhulkoodii. SWDC waxay dhexdhexaadin ku xallisay 122 dacwadood.

Isla Magaalada Mogadishu, COGWO waxay kaalmo sharciyeed siisay 205 qof oo lagu soo eedeeyey inay dembiyo galeen. COGWO waxay saldhigyada booliska ku samaysay booqashooyin badan si ay gacan usiiso kooxaha da’da yar.
Gudaha Magaalada Hargeisa, Kilinika Sharciga ee Jaamacada Camuud waxay Wasaarada Cadaalada kalaqaybqaadatay Maxkamadaha wareega.

Awood Dhisidda & Tababarada
Mogadishu, SWDC waxay abaabushay madal kusaabsan farsamooyinka dhexdhexaadinta bulshada kusalaysan ee odayaasha dhaqanka.
Isla Mogadishu, COGWO waxay fulisay olele wacyigelinta sharciga, iyadoo bixinaysa warbixin sharciga iyo adeegyo dhexdhexaadin ah ee bulshooyinka iyo xerooyinka IDP ama barokaceyaasha.

COGWO waxa kale oo ay qabatay qiimeynta gergaarka sharciga ee magaalada Baladwyen, gobolka Hiran region oo qayb ka ah istaraatijiyadooda fidinta gergaarka sharciga illaa gobollada Badhtamaha Koonfurta Somaliya. COGWO waxay ku talogashay inay qiimeyntaas oo kale ka qabato Degmada Ceelbur ee gobolka Galgadud. 

Carqaladaha Kahor Yimid Xubnaha SLAN

Xubnaha SLAN waxa dhib soojireen ku ah maalgelinta, xubnahaas oo ku cabbiray kaalmadooda sanduuqa salleda ee gergaarka sharciga. Qaabab iyo habab la’aanta imiku waxay dhalisay inay lacagtu ku lunto maalgelin aan-wax-ku-ool ahayn. 
Isbeddellada joogtada ee awoodaha iyo taliyeyaasha booliska degmada ee Mogadishu ayaa loo aqoonsaday dhib haysta xubinta SLAN.

Nabadgelyadu waxay mar walba tahay arrin aad utaabanaya xubnaha SLAN. Mogadishu gudaheeda, xubin ayaa laga weriyey in looyarradoodu ay la kulmeen cabsigelin iyo hanjabaado lala xidhiidhinayo dacwado gaar ah oo paralegalska qaar laxidhay iyagoo shaqadooda gudanaya.  

Xeerarka Xadgudubka  Galmada ee Somaliland, Puntland iyo gobollada Badhtamaha Koonfurta ee Somaliya, waa la qoray waxaana la hordhigayaa Baarlamaanka bilaha soo socda.
Sexual Violence in Somalia: Challenging Impunity
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