Internet Pioneer Award
April 19 at Aarhus City Hall

Internet Week Denmark

Nominate Your Favorite Internet Pioneer

IWDK gives three prices to Danes or people living in Denmark, who have made a difference online. They are given to pioneers whose ideas have improved or promoted the use of the internet in significant ways.

Before we can celebrate any pioneers, we need some nominees. Who do you think should win this year? You can nominate anybody whose ideas have improved or promoted the use of the internet within the categories: Technology, Services and/or applications, and Rethink. We are actually looking at achievements that go as far back as 20 years, so please do not limit your candidates to recent years.

Internet Pioneer Award in Aarhus City Hall

Anyone can nominate, and anyone can be nominated as long as they have had an impact on the way we use digitalization and the internet.

The evening is going to be a celebration with drinks, fun, and awards! It is dedicated to people that in a significant way influence the use of internet in Denmark. The Internet Pioneer Awards will be handed out Wednesday evening, April 19 at Aarhus City Hall. Read more about the ceremony here.

The Three Categories


A technological breakthrough that has had an impact on the usefulness and thereby use of the Internet. Last year, the award went to Bjarne Stroustrup for inventing C++. There is not a single computer or mobile phone or router or car or airplane or train or modern factory or office in the world that is not build on C++. If you manage to find an exception, then it is build on something that is a copy of Bjarnes ideas.


An application or service that has led to the spread of Internet use. Last year, the winner of this prize was Queue-it co-founded by CEO Niels Henrik Sodemann, CCO Camilla Ley Valentin, and CTO Martin Pronk. Queue-it is a cool solution that impacts many Danes, specifically the use of it in the SKAT homepage.


An idea that has led to the Internet being used for non-commercial purposes within the fields of sustainability, democracy, citizenship or diversity. Last year, the award went to Kirsten Sydendal for her work with The Facebook group ‘Lolland Falster Lovestorm’ that has been born out of a continuously bad image of Lolland Falster being shown by the media. The initiative and the lovestorm is a great example on how you can mobilize an entire region through the digital possibilities - and best of all, it has all been made possible without spending any money on ads or external help.

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