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Did You Know?

During the month of July, we are celebrating the Dog Days of Summer: July 3rd - August 11th!

It's traditionally the 40 hottest days of the year, so let's cool off by spending some time indoors... at IKEA!

"Don't Agonize, Organize." - Florynce Kennedy

Quick Tips to
Navigate IKEA Like a Pro

Here at Organized Joy we absolutely love, love, love everything IKEA.  We can't imagine not shopping there, but we hear frequently from clients that they are overwhelmed by the whole IKEA Experience.  Fear not and read on!

>The Eats: Plan to eat some sort of meal there as it does take awhile to navigate the store, especially on your first trip.  The restaurant is more expensive than the bistro, but the food choices are much better, as is the seating and set up for the little ones (TV and kids sitting area, as well as complementary baby food, access to a microwave and nearby bathrooms with complementary diapers as well).  The bistro however is a great place to hit up after making your purchases (it's at the very end of the store after the registers) for a quick and cheap hotdog, slice of pizza, cinnamon bun or ice cream.

>The Showroom vs the Warehouse: The Showroom is normally the first place you go in IKEA after entering the lobby.  It is a winding maze of rooms set up to resemble real homes but grouped together in categories.  So there will be several example living rooms near all of the couches and tables you can test out.  Then you'll find a group of offices next to the chairs and desks for sale.  If you want one of these big ticket items, be sure to write down the item number so you can find them later on in the warehouse.  At the end of the Showroom is the Restaurant and then past that the real shopping begins where you can start grabbing much smaller items for sale, like dishes, towels, picture frames, vases and more.  Once you make it through this area, you can move on to the warehouse and pick up any big items you saw in the Showroom like furniture, mattresses and anything buildable that must be flat packed.  Use the kiosks here to look things up if you forgot the item location and remember that you must load up your cart yourself.

>Shortcuts: The IKEA experience can be a long one, so if you get worn out, you can always take one of the short cuts to get to the checkout faster.  Know exactly what you want?  Go in the back door straight to the warehouse and bypass the showroom altogether!

>As Is Section: This is the place to score some even better deals at IKEA!  After you've gone through the Showrooms and the Warehouse be sure to stop here (located on the right hand side just before the Registers).  You can find AS IS items here that may have been store displays, are discontinued, are out of season, or have been returned and/or damaged.  We once purchased a "damaged" leather couch here for hundreds of dollars off because there was a pen mark on the back and placed it against the wall with no problem.

>Take the Truck
: Yes, their products are mostly flat packed to make it easier to get your big items home.  But if you are buying furniture, bring the biggest vehicle you own and fold down those seats.  Furniture can be flattened, but not shortened, so it'll still be plenty long if you are buying a major piece.  That said - we've brought home several couches in an F150 no problem!
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IKEA Family - Why Should I Join?

IKEA Family is a FREE program that you can sign up for online at their website or at IKEA itself at a kiosk in their lobby.  It is a great program to sign up for because it's free and you get all kinds of perks:
  • FREE coffee or tea in the restaurant
  • 30 minutes extra playtime for the kids in smaland
  • A chance to win a $100 gift card every time you scan your card at the kiosk or register
  • Discounts on different products every month

Not sure how to start?  Visit their website for more details and to see what products are discounted to IKEA Family members only this month.

Our Favorite Products at IKEA that you need to know about!

We like to use IKEA products in unusual ways.  Shoe Organizers - not for shoes at all!  Read on to find out more:

STODJA white cutlery trays – meant for your kitchen utensils but we love using them for office supplies in our desks
Forhoja set of 4 boxes - great organizers for your desk because of the dividers, but can also be used to house art supplies, flatware in your kitchen, makeup brushes and more
Kvissle set of 4 boxes - for organizing office supplies on top of your desk but the lids can also be used as coasters
Trones 3 pack vertical shoe cabinet - ideal for shoes, but can also be used for gloves & scarves, magazines, plastic grocery bags – anything in tight shallow spaces
Retur small 2-pack and large recycling bins - Can be used for recycling, or for an art center for kids to hold construction paper/writing paper or in front closets to hold gloves/hats, or in garages to hold small gardening tools/gloves, or small tools/parts
Rajtan 4 pack of spice jars - use for spices or crafts
Skubb boxes set of 6 – for kid toys or clothes/belts, and shallow enough to use inside a dresser to house underwear, socks, small kid clothes
Skubb under bed storage case – store clothes, shoes, memorabilia, toys, photos
Kusiner wall mesh pockets – use to store kids toys, or as a diaper changing station, or for hair bows and jewelry
Krubb hanging wall shoe organizer – for hats/gloves/scarves or office supplies or jewelry or small toys or cleaning supplies or gift wrap (cut holes to store long wrapping paper securely)
Kassett 2 pack of boxes - for cds, dvds, photos, office supplies, art supplies and collections
Kallax - the new version of the Expedit Bookcase - add drawers & baskets or bins to go inside the open cubes or use the bookcase by itself.  Can be used to hold anything and everything!

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Need More Guidance???

Sign up for Organized Joy's

IKEA Bring Your Own Friend Event!

Organized Joy will be touring IKEA Round Rock with you! We will teach you how to navigate the store, how to use our favorite products (maybe not for what you think), and answer any questions you might have. We will follow it all up with lunch - what a fun ladies day out!

This is a FREE Event, so bring all your friends and come learn some great organizing tips! We will meet in the lobby of IKEA at 10am to start the tour.

We are also having a giveaway so you can win FREE LUNCH ON US! Every friend you bring to the event earns you 1 entry. If you schedule an Organizing Party with us during the event, you earn 2 entries. And if you schedule an Organizing Package during the event, you earn 3 entries!

RSVP to the event here on our Facebook page so that we know you are coming!
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Take it to the next level!

We are pros when it comes to putting together IKEA furniture.  After you've put together a few dozen Expedits, it really does just start to come naturally.  If you need help with your purchases, you can always call us or have them assemble it for you (for a fee).
If you've mastered the basics and are ready to take it up a notch, check out the IKEA Hackers website or the many ideas available on our own Pinterest IKEA Board. It is truly amazing some of the things that people can create with basic IKEA furniture!
July Special:  If you attended an Austin or Dallas Small Business Workshop or are an Existing client that booked our services in June, you qualify for 10% off ANY of our Packages if you call or email us by July 31st.  You can schedule your package for any time within the next year.
Thanks for letting us bring you some Organized Joy!
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