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Building Be My Medici
An open Letter to Artists

Dear Artists,

You may be wondering what we have been up to lately. And if you are one of the artists who applied to our Artist Call earlier this year, you may particularly want to know where things stand on the selection of artists for the platform.

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An offer for art lovers and collectors in your circle
If you believe in our model, support it by spreading the word

Do you have any art lovers or collectors in your circle? Very often we artists don't believe we do but in reality we are surrounded by people who, under the right circumstances and with the right patronage model in place, could be supporting artists and collecting artwork, including our own.

If you believe our patronage model could be a sustainable way for artists to support their practice, help it get off the ground by letting the art lovers and collectors in your circle know about it, giving them the opportunity to support artists and grow their collection.

Invite them to join the Be My Medici Patron Mailing List

Artists' words of support

A sampling of the enthusiastic response we received

The first comment bellow is written by an artist in response to this article about the idea behind Be My Medici on The Artist's Predicament. The rest were entered anonymously in response to our Artist Survey, which was taken by over 450 artists.

Please Please Keep forging ahead We MUST do our art no matter what and think creatively to promote and sell our work in a totally sustainable way (more art, more sales etc.) - Tony B.
Great Idea, I think it has serious legs. I've been an artist for 11 years - still struggling, this would be a fantastic system.
I think the concept is fantastic. Regardless if I am chosen I will follow the platform with great interest. Thank you.
Great idea. Being a rural artist, I believe this has the potential to bring awareness to others who also live away from urban centers.
I would be honored to participate.
This sounds like an amazing opportunity to be a part of. I hope to see this grow and flourish.
good idea! I'm ready!
It couldn't come at a better moment! Good for you!
I think this is fantastic! Do it.
This is a marvelous idea and will be quite an undertaking to be consistent in order to be successful. Your endeavor is appreciated.
This is a clever and engaging idea!
It sounds well thought out.
It sounds cool, and a good way to get your work seen.
Thank you for making an effort and organizing this.

Dear artists, it is we who wish to thank you for your words of support! 
Be My Medici is a curated patronage platform in the making with an exclusive focus on the visual arts.

Art lovers and collectors, having access to a curated portfolio of visual artists, will be able to select one or more artists to enter into a patronage relationship with. Depending on their subscription level, they will receive one or more monthly surprise originals in the mail and have the satisfaction of amassing an idiosyncratic collection of works by the artist(s) they are supporting.

Artists will be able to acquire a number of patrons supporting their practice through a monthly subscription. No fees will be charged to the artists at any point.
Who is Penelope of Be My Medici?

Penelope is the practicing artist on the Be My Medici team. Firsthand experiences and a desire to improve the lives of artists inspired her to create this experimental model of patronage. You can read about her journey on her blog, The Artist's Predicament.
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