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Governor's Energy Summit: Crossroads of Global Innovation
2018 Legislative Roundup 
Video: 'FORGING' New Geothermal Technologies

Video: OED Produces Energy & Minerals Activity Films for Teachers
Governor's Energy Summit:
Crossroads of Global Innovation 

May 14,-15, 2018 | Grand America Hotel
Join the Global Energy Discussion
Now in its seventh season, this premier conference and trade show is the largest event of its kind in the Intermountain West, hosting more than 1,200 attendees and 75+ speakers from across the nation and around the globe. Under the leadership of Governor Gary R. Herbert, the Summit is dedicated to knitting together diverse perspectives to build key relationships and to chart new paths for the responsible growth of the energy and minerals sector at home and abroad.
Nine Reasons to Attend

Governor Herbert's Invitation 
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OED 'FORGES' New Three-Part Video Series on Enhanced Geothermal Systems

As Utah and Nevada square off in the final round for U.S. Department of Energy funding to build a one-of-a-kind research laboratory to explore enhanced geothermal systems (EGS), OED has produced and released three videos chronicling Utah's leadership in this national race.  

The videos explain the DOE's Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) competition, providing insight into EGS technology, the grant process and Utah's strength in developing new pathways for geothermal energy to thrive in the marketplace. 

Watch the three-part series on OED's Youtube channel.
OED Supports K-12 Energy & Minerals Education with Six Activity Films 
OED continues to support the education of Utah's rising energy and minerals workforce with dynamic K-12 curriculum.  In March, the Office wrote and produced six "how-to" films for teachers to utilize in elementary schools across the state.

The videos offer a fun way to present OED's energy and minerals lesson plans with hands on activities across Natural GasWind EnergyCore DrillingCombustionEnergy Efficiency and Mining Reclamation.  
2018 Legislative Round Up
The Governor's Energy Advisor and the Office of Energy Development were engaged in providing information and analysis to the Governor and the Legislature during the 2018 Legislative Session.  Some of the major energy related bills passed during the session, including....
SB 141 Electric Energy Amendments
SB 141 temporarily freezes the Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit 2018 level of $1,600 to stay in effect until 2020.  Starting in 2021, the RESTC will step down in increments of $400 per year until it is completely phased out and no longer available at the end of the 2023.  
SB 141 also repeals the net metering act.  Over the summer of 2017, the solar industry, Rocky Mountain Power, state agencies and solar energy advocates negotiated an agreement that sets an end date for net metering but extends the state of Utah credit (RESTC) for an additional two years.  Net metering will no longer be available after 2035. Dr. Laura Nelson played a pivotal role in the negotiations between the utility and the solar industry.  
SB 191  State Regulations of Oil and Gas
SB 191 sets in place the administering authority at the Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining to prohibit any municipalities in Utah from passing ordinances that would prohibit the oil and gas industry from operating in Utah.  
SB 157  Residential Solar Energy Amendments
This bill set forth practicing standards for the solar industry; a guideline of recommendations and rules for solar companies to follow when they are selling products to Utahns.  This will help the solar industry to operate in a reputable fashion and get rid of bad actors within the industry.
HB 261  Renewable Energy Amendments
This bill sets forth procedures to allow Rocky Mountain Power to bid into utility-scale solar and renewable energy projects.  Utilities do not have the option to take the federal tax credit at the time of construction but rather is required to take the tax credit over the life of the project.  By allowing RMP to bid into utility-scale projects and take advantage of the federal tax credit at the time when the project is placed into operation will keep electricity rates low in Utah.
HB 422 Natural Gas Infrastructure Amendments
This bill allows a utility to build in cost recovery rates for providing natural gas infrastructure to rural communities.  
SB 166 Energy Facility Amendments ​
SB 166 adds a "parameters resolution" to the code, meaning a resolution is passed by the governing body and allows them to delegate authority to a third party to place an assessment, and issue a bond. In addition, it adds owner-occupied or rental condominium units affiliated with a hotel and property that the military installation development authority owns to the scope of eligible properties. 
HCR 007  Concurrent Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship
This concurrent resolution encourages responsible stewardship of natural resources and a reduction of emissions.  

NASEO to facilitate the Regional EV West plan
Utah and the other seven signatory states of the Regional Electric Vehicle Plan for the West (REV West) Memorandum of Understanding have selected the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) to help facilitate communication and coordinate investment in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure across the western states.
OED's Director of Public Affairs Presents at UVU's Diplomatic Conference

On Mar. 12, Meghan Stettler, OED's director of public affairs and communication presented at Utah Valley University's Diplomatic Conference

The event hosted trade representatives and officials from 12 countries across the world, and served as a powerful forum to exchange ideas, network and collaborate with economic entities in Utah and abroad.
Upcoming Events
May 14-15, 2018 
Grand America Hotel

Learn about the latest trends and innovation solutions from more than 75 leading local, national and international industry experts. Register at
In The News

Utah lawmakers approve rooftop solar compromise bill 
A bill to put into law a complicated compromise eked out among the solar industry, clean energy advocates and Rocky Mountain Power on rooftop solar tax credits has cleared a legislative committee.

Read more here.

Rocky Mountain funding 15 renewable energy projects in Utah, Wyoming 
Rocky Mountain Power has awarded Blue Sky funding for 15 renewable energy projects for community-serving organizations. 

According to the company, the $1.8 million in grants will help build solar arrays that offset energy costs, allowing the organizations to focus more funding on the populations they serve.

Read more here.

BLM: Natural gas project could generate $1 billion in state royalties 
One of the most signficant oil and gas development proposals in Uintah County — expected to generate as much as $1 billion in state royalties — is open for public review with the release of an environmental impact statement.

Oil and gas development already supports about 9,200 jobs in the Uinta Basin, where the Greater Chapita Wells Natural Gas Infill Project is planned on 43,071 acres.

Read more here
OED Presents Hands on Activities at SheTech

OED promoted energy literacy and awareness at the annual SheTech conference.  Hosted by the Women's Tech Council, SheTech brings together 2,000 young women to learn about opportunity in the technology and energy industry.  OED's team hosted workshops that taught these eager students about Utah's natural gas resources.

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