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Raising our Voices

prepared by Canon Ken Gray, Anglican Church of Canada, for the Anglican Communion Environmental Network


Greetings in Christ as the Pentecost season continues. May God, the Holy Spirit constantly empower us as we bear faithful witness to the miracle of creation which sustains and delights us. May we never forget the plight of those who suffer as a result of climate change, and together continue to live sustainable lives, characterized by the hope and compassion of Christ.

Greetings also to our new subscribers. This newsletter now goes out to over 220 Anglicans worldwide on an almost monthly schedule. Suggestions for inclusion are welcome. We are eager to add more names to our growing list so please, spread the word.

Take a stand and raise your voices ... in the water asks people to sign up online to help make a massive petition to show world leaders our deep concern about climate disruption. At the moment politicians aren’t hearing the moral imperative for action. Therefore we are asking people of all faiths and beyond to support, and hopefully to pray, meditate and reflect on the climate negotiations.

Politicians listen to big numbers. So we need a big number to show them because we want them to reach a meaningful global climate agreement in Paris December 2015. It’s complex and there are obstacles. As well as the big number, politicians need to know that people of faith are behind them, giving them moral and prayerful support to have the courage, generosity and inspiration to reach a deal.

Over the next few months is asking everyone to PRAY and MEDITATE STANDING IN WATER, as a way to show solidarity for people living in small island states and low lying coastal areas who are vulnerable to sea level rise caused by climate change. The campaign was launched on World Environment Day 5th June and will run up to the major UN Conference on Small Island Developing States in Samoa in early September.

By September we hope to have lots of Water Prayer solidarity pictures to show the leaders gathered in Samoa.

The prayer campaign is well described at

Other information and to sign the petition goto

Two Fabulous Resources

Every once in a while someone sends us interesting resources and this month is no exception.

Caring for Creation

is a thirty-six page booklet published by the Presbyterian Church in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The introduction reads as follows:
The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1)

Our vocabulary has taken on a whole set of new words in recent times. Phrases like “global warming”, “climate change”, “Kyoto Protocol”, “carbon footprint”, “greenhouse gases”, “sustainable living” were all unheard of a decade or two ago. Now we are expected to not only know what they mean, but understand the scientific complexities behind them.

Every week the media reports there is increasing urgency to change the way we live; we are told we are at a crisis point, that it is up to us to avert ecological disaster for our planet, and that only by acting now can we safeguard the future of our children and grandchildren.

The amount of information we receive can be bewildering; how do we make sense of it all? How do we respond as Christians?

This booklet is designed to help answer three main questions:
1. What are the environmental issues we face?
2. What impact do these have – globally, nationally, locally and personally?
3. What action can we take at each level that will make a difference?

We’ll also look at the Biblical mandate for caring for Creation. Scripture makes it clear that The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof (Psalm 24:1). As human beings made in God’s image, we have a responsibility to cherish and nurture the Earth’s resources, as well as care for those who suffer most as a result of environmental damage. Caring for Creation is fundamental to our ministry and mission in the world. Basically, it’s all about relationships – with God, with each other and with the Earth we inhabit alongside all God’s other creatures. By protecting, healing and developing the fruitfulness of the created order, we honour God and witness to him. Our care for the world of which we are a part becomes an aspect of our “rightful worship.”
Download the booklet from
And then . . .


Climate proofing your investments: Moving funds out of fossil fuels

The Australia Institute  March  2014

Investments in coal, oil, and gas increase financial risk without increasing returns, according to the new report Climate proofing your investments: Moving funds out of fossil fuels published by The Australia Institute.

To meet the internationally-agreed two degree global warming limit, fossil fuel businesses must leave in the ground two-thirds of the reserves currently on their books.

Failure to incorporate this risk is causing inaccurate share valuations.

The report includes the first simulation comparing performance of an Australian fossil fuel free investment portfolio with an indexed ASX portfolio and It identifies a series of ASX-listed companies that are most at risk of stock devaluation due to climate change.

Download the book from

It's that time of year again
The Season of Creation is almost upon us . . . and it's time to plan

At the last Anglican Consultative Council , a resolution was passed encouraging us all to include a Season of Creation in our liturgical year.

There is currently no focus in the church year on God the creator, no opportunity to reflect in a concentrated way on the foundations of redemption and sanctification, namely, the very creation itself that is redeemed and sanctified. For centuries, our theology, our ethics, and our worship have been oriented in two dimensions: our relationship with God and our human relationships with one another. Now it is time to turn our attention to God’s relationship with all creation and with our relationship with creation (and with God through creation).

We are encouraged to celebrate the Season of Creation during the month of September until 4th Oct - St Francis day.

Here are a few resources:

More are in development and will be announced shortly.

Solar Roads
from the A Rocha UK website

A family-run company based in Idaho have designed a new road surface that harnesses the sun’s energy to send renewable energy to local houses and businesses. The surface consists of layered hexagons embedded with solar cells that can also provide power for electric cars. LEDs within the panels can be lit to create smart digital driving surfaces displaying road markings or messages.

The company claim that if the solar roads were rolled out over the whole US the amount of renewable energy it would generate would exceed the country’s usage. The electricity can be transferred to nearby buildings, can charge electric cars, and the panels can also be heated to melt ice and snow. The prototype road surface is made of 10% recycled glass.

The husband and wife team received funding in 2009 from the Federal Highway Administration in the US to make their prototype. They are now looking for funding to start mass production. The costs of installation are unknown but are expected to be released in July. The company do say that a commercialised solar roadway will provide enough power to pay for itself over its lifespan.

Sources: Huffington Post May 2014, Grist online May 2014, Wired online May 2014

See more at:

Oceans of Justice

"Do you know what we want? We want justice—oceans of it. We want fairness—rivers of it. That’s what we want. That’s all we want." Amos 5:24 (The Message)

Climate change is not an event that will happen somewhere in the distant future. It’s happening right now, with devastating consequences for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

In the Pacific, Australia’s neighbourhood, rising oceans are poisoning agricultural land, washing away homes, and forcing people to abandon islands their people have lived on for thousands of years.

Despite this, the Australian Government has refused to add climate change as an urgent agenda item for the G20 meeting in Brisbane later this year.

Join our Oceans of Justice campaign as we call on the Australian Government to show global leadership and add climate change to the G20 agenda and commit to strong action to

Slow down climate change

Help those who are already being impacted by the effects of climate change.

A final note of thanks

to all who completed the survey ASK THE ECOBISHOPS recently. We received over 120 carefully written responses which have provide ACEN and the bishops tremendous encouragement and inspiration.

You can still complete the survey by visiting the ACEN webpages at and click on the Ask the Eco-Bishops link.

Well done everyone!
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