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Hi. We’re starting our open minutes series for Minute/Year in 2019: the next one will be coming up on Sunday, 10. March, at grüntaler9. Read on for all the details... 🔊
Minute/Year: Spectrograms, Day 1–44, 2019
Minute/Year — Open Minute #1, 2019
Date: 10. March, 2019
Time: 7:30pm–9:30pm
Place: grüntaler9, Grüntaler Straße 9, 13357 Berlin-Wedding
Entry: free
Event links: grüntaler9 · Facebook · Artconnect
Minute/Year is an automated, multi-year, sound-based durational installation artwork. For the entirety of 2019 — beginning on January 1., and continuing until December 31. — it is installed in grüntaler9, for its fourth annual iteration.

And on Sunday, 10. March, 2019, there will be a special open minute event at grüntaler9. During this event, attendees will be able to directly experience — and contribute to — the sounds and images that this ongoing automated work generates. This event will be the first in a series related to Minute/Year that will be occurring at grüntaler9 in 2019.

If you are interested, please come by at 7:30pm. The minute will happen at 8:19pm sharp. Beforehand, we will give a small introduction to the work and what it means to experience it live. Afterwards, we will invite visitors to share their impressions of the work, and listen back to the traces that we will have created.
Minute/Year — an overview
Minute/Year is an automated, sound-based durational installation.

Every day, for one minute, Minute/Year adds a new layer: the sound that is occuring in grüntaler9, during a single minute’s time every evening at 20:19, is recorded. But, simultaneously, the previous day’s recording – of the sound of the same space, 24 hours before – is played back into the space, through speakers mounted on the wall. So, each recording includes its predecessor, which includes its predecessor in turn, and so on, in a potentially infinite regression. Each day’s minute-long recording is then converted into a spectrogram – an image of the frequencies of the audio — and the two parts are then published online.

This entire process is automated, and runs daily at 20:19 (in 2019). Through this daily three-step process, the sounds of daily life—of human activities, large and small—become material for a layered index, which develops, mutates and degrades over time, a kind of repeating surveillance turned inside-out. Minute/Year is partly an online archive, partly an accumulating layering process, and partly a multi-year durational sound installation.

Minute/Year began on January 1., 2016, and has generated compelling sounds and images for one minute each day ever since, in an accumulating, serial process. It has no set ending date.

Full details about Minute/Year are available on the Kovács/O’Doherty website.The work also has its own standalone website, with videos from each day’s minute, and links to recordings from the work, which are available as a weekly podcast.
Also, KvT
There are some KvT plans afoot in March. In Berlin, Potsdam, Göttingen, Amsterdam, Mülheim, and Münster. Details here. More soon...
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