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Hi. We’re a week-and-a-half into 2019. And a new year means a new iteration of Minute/Year — now with an accompanying podcast. All the details below... 💥
Setting up the 2019 iteration of Minute/Year, at grüntaler9, in December.
At the end of December, the 2018 iteration of Minute/Year finished, in Ladenkino, Friedrichshain, Berlin. (It ran for the final time on December 31., 2018, at 20:18.) And on Jaunary 1., the 2019 iteration began — it ran for the first time on January 1., 2019, at 20:19, and has been running now for the past ten days.

2019 will be the fourth year of Minute/Year. And, as in the previous years, the turning over of the year also brings a change in location: we are very happy to have been invited by grüntaler9, in Wedding, Berlin, to install Minute/Year there for the whole of 2019.

For the new year, we have also updated the Minute/Year website. And, alongside that, we have also now launched Minute/Year as a weekly podcast.
Some further details about this all below:
  • Minute/Year at grüntaler9
  • The new Minute/Year podcast
  • A short reminder of what Minute/Year is, and how it works
Minute/Year, 2019 — spectrograms, day 1–9.
Minute/Year at grüntaler9
grüntaler9, Grüntaler Straße 9, 13357 Berlin-Wedding. Website · Twitter · FB
grüntaler9 is a space towards the performative. It is the only space in Berlin dedicated solely to performance and time-based art. The space is focused not only on hosting live performances, but also deeply committed to being a platform for collaborative processes of research for performative and time-based work.

Since its beginnings in 2011, grüntaler9 has been a space in constant transformation. It is not a gallery, not a white cube, not a black box. Rather, it is a space that addresses the performative in discursive dialogue. Each event and performance leaves visible and invisible traces, which are then subsequently taken over and re-edited, palimpsest-like.
grüntaler9 sees itself as a continuous, collaborative performance, and as a work of art in itself. It is an art event with multiple authorships and, at the same time, a critical discussion of originality and authenticity. There are almost no limits for invited artists — they only have to face the challenge of the space-specific situation.

grüntaler9 is curated and facilitated by Teena Lange. See more on the grüntaler9 website.
Minute/Year will be installed for the whole of 2019 in the main project space of grüntaler9. It will overlap, acoustically and spatially, with all the other projects, performances, research processes, and other events that will be occurring in grüntaler9 throughout the year. All are welcome to come and experience Minute/Year directly, at grüntaler9, any time during the year that may suit.

This main project space at grüntaler9 is open and accessible during times when events, performances, and projects are occurring. Additionally, if you would like to see and hear the work outside of the context of these other events, there will also be a series of open minutes in 2019 — these will be Minute/Year-specific events occurring regularly throughout the year. More on those soon. And, if you’d like your own special one-on-one encounter with the piece, you’re more than welcome to get in touch and schedule a visit by appointment.

Of course, you can also keep up-to-date with the work online. The main Minute/Year website gives an overview, and the page about Minute/Year on our website gives the larger context — text, photos, background, everything. You can also get the daily recordings on Telegram, Vimeo, and Twitter. And, also, of course, there is now a podcast...
Minute/Year podcast
The recordings from Minute/Year are now available as a weekly podcast.

Minute/Year is a work that generates one minute of audio every day — and each daily one-minute recording builds on and transforms the one before, which builds in turn on the one before that, in an iterative series. So, to get a sense of the progress of the work, it can often be helpful to listen to a series of daily recordings in a row — and, through this, to experience how they layer and transform over time.

In order to allow this kind of layered listening, the recordings generated by Minute/Year are now available as a weekly podcast, published on Sunday evenings. This will make it possible to listen to the seven most recent recordings from the work, one after another. (And to hear us giving our dorky introduction.)

The podcast is brand new — the first episode was released a couple of days ago. You can subscribe directly via RSS, or on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), or on Google Podcasts (Google Play) — or search in your podcast app for “minute/year”. Happy listening...
About Minute/Year — a reminder
Minute/Year is a sound-based artwork.

Minute/Year is an automated, process-based, durational work, in which sound is played, recorded, and layered, in a resonant space, for one minute each day.

The result that is created is then published online, each day (as a one-minute-long audio recording, with an accompanying spectrogram image of the audio). The space in which this process occurs changes each year. Over time, it has encompassed a variety of public, private, and semi-public spaces. This ongoing process has created an accumulating archive of sounds and images, which continues to grow. This archive has in turn been the source of a series of derived works.

Minute/Year began on January 1., 2016, and it has run for one minute every day, ever since. It has no set ending date.

Full details of the work — including video, audio, photos, details of derived works, and more — are available here.
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