October 2018: Fighting Corruption, Opening Government
Corruption can take countless forms. In many countries, getting a birth certificate, or a routine traffic stop involves a bribe. It can mean nepotism in the awarding of public contracts; or lack of financial or operational transparency by public institutions, from the statehouse to the courts. In the spirit of the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Denmark this week, we have gathered experiences and insights about the many ways to fight corruption all over the world. 

In this issue:

Protecting Democracy: Building stronger coalitions to fight corruption
Data protection and beneficial ownership transparency
A Victory for Ukraine: Enhancing transparency in the extractive sector
Putting procurement at the heart of the anti-corruption agenda 
Fighting Dirty Money: Where do we start?
Transforming commitments into actions: Beyond anti-corruption forums
Fighting corruption to end inequality
Exploring the risks of corruption in international aid
Remember the value of open data: Lessons from IODC 2018
Strengthening open government in Asia-Pacific: You are invited!

Plus news from around the world of opengov, jobs, and more

Building a Peaceful and Safer World through Collective Action in the Fight against Corruption

By Sanjay Pradhan, Ulla Tørnæs, Delia Ferreira, Mari Kiviniem

Fueled by the rise of populism, misinformation, and shrinking civic space, civil liberties and political rights are under attack in many countries around the world, even in OGP participating countries and localities. OGP’s CEO Sanjay Pradhan, Denmark’s Minister for Development Corporations Ulla Tørnæs, Chair of Transparency International Delia Ferreira, and OECD’s Deputy Secretary General Mari Kiviniemi remind us that fighting corruption requires a collective effort from reformers in government and in civil society. Read their joint blog here

Gone But Not Forgotten: Translating High-level Global Endorsements into Country Action

By Jameela Raymond, TI UK, and Tonu Basu, OGP

Even though many commitments are made at international forums, they seldom translate into concrete actions. Jameela Raymond from Transparency International and Tonu Basu from OGP suggest to better coordinate and leverage available platforms to catalyze action and accountability at the country level. Read more here

A Tax on the Poor to Benefit the Rich: Corruption and Inequality

By Max Lawson, Oxfam International

Entrenched elites often benefit from the poorest and the most vulnerable, making it hard to break from the vicious cycle of inequality many countries around the world experience. How can fighting corruption and advancing open government initiatives can help bridge the economic gap and ensure secure livelihoods for all? Find out here.  

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The Future is Open

By Rudi Borrmann, Government of Argentina

This year’s International Open Data Conference (IODC) saw members of the open government community gather to advance open data and place it as a priority of the global public agenda. As Co-Chair of the OGP Steering Commitee, strengthening the open data movement is a priority for the Government of Argentina. Learn more about what IODC meant for the community here

Can beneficial ownership transparency really be compatible with data protection?

By  Zosia Sztykowski, OpenOwnership, and Tom Walker, The Engine Room

Can we address beneficial ownership issues without going against business data protection mechanisms? Open Ownership is partnering with The Engine Room and the B Team to answer this question and ensure they answer any concerns the private sector may have about beneficial transparency initiatives. Read more here

The deadline is coming up! This is your last chance to influence OGP’s flagship report about the State of Open Government. Give us your feedback here

Revealing True Corporate Owners is Key to Fighting “Dirty Money”

By Eddie Rich, Acting Executive Director EITI

If we want to tackle corruption, beneficial ownership transparency is a necessary step. In their latest blog, EITI reminds us that government agencies, civil society, the private and the financial sector all have a key role to play to make societies truly inclusive, responsive, and accountable. 

International Aid and Development Finance, Corruption Risks and the Need for more Transparency

By Elise Dufief, Publish What You Fund

Corruption manifests itself in many forms around the world. Elise Dufief from Publish What You Fund tells us that international aid is unfortunately not free from it as it is sometimes mishandled or used inefficiently. But what can we do to ensure international cooperation is adequately used? Click here to find out. 

Why Talking about Procurement Should be at the Top of the Agenda When Talking about Corruption 

By Coby Jones, Georg Neumann, and Hera Hussain, Open Contracting Partnership

At the London Anti-Corruption Summit, countries from all over the world committed to a number of open government initiatives to advance transparency and accountability. But what have we seen since and what is needed to keep the open government momentum going? Procurement is at the heart of it, say our friends at OCP in their latest blog


Ms. Rikke Hougaard Zeberg
Director-General, the Danish Agency for Digitisation

Why is it important that other countries join OGP and design and implement commitments to open up their governments?

It is important to join multilateral initiatives such as the Open Government Partnership to showcase good examples of commitments that aim to enhance civil society, business and government cooperation, increase public participation and harness new technologies to enhance transparency and accountability.

Read the full interview with Rikke here.

Ukraine's Most Recent Victory: Ensuring Transparency of the Extractive Sector

By Oleksyi Orlovsky, International Renaissance Foundation

If we want to truly build open governments around the world, we have to build spaces and opportunities for active youth to engage in open government processes. With IODC just around the corner, explore how youth organizations from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas hosted a series of meetings and workshops where they shared their own open government experiences. Read more here. 

OGP Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting 2018

By Boo-kyum Kim, Minister of Interior, South Korea

On November 5 and 6, OGP and the Government of South Korea will host the 2018 OGP Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting. Adapted from his remarks at a briefing with a number of embassies, Minister Kim invites the open government community to come to #OGPAsiaPac. Read more here

Employment Opportunities

Call for IRM National Researchers
The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) of the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is seeking individuals to carry out research at the national and local level in a variety of localities to assess government progress on implementation of their OGP Action Plans.


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Open government initiatives can take some time to show results. Read some case studies about early results in Paraguay, Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States. 

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Mayors from all over the world will discuss an array of #opengov issues at U20 in Buenos Aires. Learn more here

The B Team is looking for a Senior Manager and a Consultant for their Governance and Transparency program.

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