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June 2015

Think Good Nutrition For Healthy Animals

by Steve Nixon
Every day, there is at least one story in the media that talks about the benefits of good nutrition, a well-balanced diet, exercise, and various supplements that can do this or that for one’s health.

Seldom do these stories talk about the nutrition of animals, however. Yet, significant resources are spent by animal feed producers all over the country to research and formulate feeds that help animal owners address the nutrition needs of their animals.
For those raising  livestock or poultry  intended for human consumption, you should pay special attention to the ingredients in your feed. You may also want to consider using non-GMO feeds, which are steadily growing in popularity with consumers who are concerned about the genetic modification of food ingredients.
You should also take into consideration the stage of life and activity level of your animals to determine an appropriate feed for them.  

Reading labels on domestic pet food is also very important.  While there are many lines that also have food for different life stages, there is much variation in the recipes for different brands.   

Be sure to read the ingredients and recommended serving size, so you can make accurate comparisons as not all animal feed is created equally, and basing your buying decision on price may surprise you.

A recent comparison of brands revealed that the bag of dog food from the grocery store recommended 8-9 cups of food for a Labrador retriever. A premium brand, with more protein than carbs, recommended only 3 cups of feed for the same dog.  
Without reading the bag carefully, however, many consumers are tempted by the price point and don’t realize that they really need to use three times as much of the lower cost dog food as the premium brand.
What seems to be a big price spread is really not so big  when you consider the recommended serving size difference.  And, that doesn’t take into consideration the mix of ingredients with the premium brands often having higher protein ingredients than the lower-cost, carb-heavy brands.

The bottomline is to read the labels carefully, compare products on more than price, and ask questions of at your animal feed store so you can be sure you get the best food for your animals’ health…and your own (in the case of farm animals raised for food).
Steve Nixon is owner of Black Creek Farm & Feed Supply in Black Creek.

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