Fast Ways to Quantum Leap Knowledge


I hope all is well on your end. I want to share "Fast Ways to Quantum Leap Knowledge." I would love to hear your feedback. So do hit the Email Reply Button for feedback--comments & questions.

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Read whole books. Talk to old people. Be a good listener. Be a good observer. Take notes. Research. Cut out gossip. Flee from ignorance. Be humble. Love Knowledge. Be curious. Love research. Think Deep. Jewels4dmind to Quantum Leap Knowledge. It does not cost any money. The whole universe is a classroom.

Teach your children how to go beneath words when they read. Don’t let them surface read. Ask them questions about the reading material. That way, they will know surface reading will not cut it.

Never expect schools to make your children master readers. Parents have to do that.

Buy good books for your children to read. Books that inspire the children. Books that break down reality, and don’t sugarcoat reality. Hopefully, these books will be in accord with what you are doing any way, breaking down reality with your children.

Fairytales put children to sleep (mentally) & grown people too.

Reality is Liberating All The Time.
Make sure to tap the Links Below ⬇. There are 📚 Books for you to Read that drops all kind of Productive Knowledge on Various Subjects. I would love for you to check them out or get some for your children/teens, family members & friends. Something in them for all ages.

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