THIS JUST IN! In light of Dean's new role with The Navigators, this is the first update on his Church Discipleship Ministry in the Rocky Mountain Region!

Navigator News / Ridings Edition

March 2014

New Expanded Nav Position

Good news! While Dean worked with The Navigators in the Communications Department from 2000 to 2009 and went on to be a Navigator Representative with the Church Discipleship Ministry from 2009 to the present, he recently accepted The Navigators' invitation to really thrive in a combination of field and National Office ministry today.
    Dean has returned to full-time service with The Navigators, continuing his work with church leaders and various church-based ministries in the Rocky Mountain Region, and expanding his service as Communications Director for four Navigator Missions.
    This new role allows Dean to participate in practical life-to-life ministry and tap into his communications abilities at the same time. 
    You're receiving this initial Navigator News / Ridings Edition as a family member, friend, encourager, supporter, overall "champion" of the Ridings family. We hope this and future editions will not only inform and inspire you, but motivate you to move ever "one step closer" to Jesus!
    Are you in a position to partner with Dean in his Navigator ministry? Please see his NavStaff webpage for details!

March 20

Kingdom Life
Sunnyside Christian Church, Colorado Springs

April 3 - 6

"Armor Up" Conference
Ottawa, Ontario

April 17

Kingdom Life
Sunnyside Christian Church, Colorado Springs

April 24 - 27

CDM National Conference
Orlando, Florida


Developing Fresh Resources

You may know that Dean is co-author of the Mighty Men of Valor Bible Study Series, which features the three books "Strength," "Courage," and "Passion."
    While copies are available on Amazon, Dean and his co-authors, longtime friends and ministry partners Bob Jones and Scott Ballenger, make the studies available as a free download here.
    In his new role with The Navigators, Dean will continue to develop fresh resources that will be available both on the Church Discipleship Ministry website as well as in print. Two strategic ministry materials he's teaming on now are the Intentional Disciplemaking Church Process portfolio project as well as Leadership Coaching re-imagining and repackaging. These tools are similar to The Pray! Prayer Journal he developed some years ago. You know how Dean thrives on developing fresh resources for ministry!

Additional Open Doors

In one of Jesus' letters to the churches in the book of Revelation, He says this: “I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut . . . you have kept my word and have not denied my name" (Revelation 3:8). Along with other ministries already mentioned, God has opened new ministry doors through The Navigators.
    One key aspect of Dean's ministry today is to serve as Communications Director at the Navigators’ National Office for four Nav Missions, three of them new: Church Discipleship Ministry, Community, Workplace, and Under-Resourced Communities (ministry to the Urban Poor).
    In addition, Dean has the privilege of participating in the organization on a leadership level as a member of the Shepherding and Communications Workgroups.
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