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Today I created for myself. I haven't done this is in while, in fact, I don't actually feel like I totally indulged because what I really wanted to do was paint. Like big canvas, acrylic paint, get-my-hands-dirty kind of painting. Painting is a several hour commitment and I knew I didn't have the time, so instead I illustrated myself painting. 

It's not perfect, it's not painting, but it was for me. And I really, really enjoyed it. 

It reminded me why I do what I do. Why I'm so passionate about helping to inspire others to discover their God-given talents, follow their dreams, and do what they love. It's because I'm one of those people. I'm a creative. Im an artist. I'm someone who is lucky enough to know what her God-given talents are, who follows her dreams, and does what she loves. I just forgot to give myself time to create for me. 

It's not easy finding time to create just for yourself, you have to make time for it. 

Right now, I challenge you to dedicate a daily or weekly time to creating for yourself. Maybe it's every Monday from 9-10am, maybe it's Saturday evenings, or maybe it's right now. Whatever time works for you, protect it and don't book anything else. Save that time just for you to create. 

Now go do it. Because if you don't make time for it, who will? 

I plan to paint, illustrate and create for myself once a week. What's your plan? Announcing your plan to create for yourself can help you stay loyal to your commitment, so share what you've created or your plan to create by posting on my Facebook page or tagging me on Instagram.



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