Opportunity to be showcased in a film with Danny Glover!
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Calling All People Making a Difference
in the World!

I am working on a film, American Dream the Movie, with Danny Glover where we are looking for people and organizations that are making a difference in their community or region, and in the world. Whether it’s helping people grow vegetables in an urban food-desert or rebuilding an actual desert, there are a million great stories out there and we want to know about them. 

I'm reaching out to you - because you are in my select network of movers and shakers. I trust you have or know of solutions to share! 

Send us your solutions - by clicking here: 

If you get your submission in by next Wednesday May 25th you will have first opportunity to be featured in the film!

Watch the trailer here:

American Dream, The Movie Tailer

American Dream the Movie looks at the evolution of the American Dream and shows how life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has become work, debt, and the pursuit of stuff. Featuring Danny Glover, who is also a one of the producers of the film, and Directed by Joel McEwen, we’ll investigate how the land of the free and home of the brave has turned into a country of social inequality and a public so disillusioned that the #1 most prescribed medication in America is anti-depressants. But this film is not going to be all doom and gloom. This film will hold out the hope that, even as we’ve become a culture of nearly endless resource consumption with record high inequality, we still have the promise to become a culture of community and sustainability. 

Now we’re asking for your help! It’s easy enough to show things that are challenging (at best), but it’s a lot harder to make sure people learn of one another’s stories that are hopeful, entertaining and inspiring. And that’s where you come in. We are looking forward to learning of any encouraging tales to let us know who’s doing the good works and what they are.

Send us your solutions - by clicking here:

We are creating a database of positive stories, and examples of potential solutions for common problems faced by our communities.  From this database, we will find stories suitable to feature on our website and possibly include in the film. We are looking to connect the dots of stories that are a vital part of a regional conservation plan with a broader goal of revitalizing rural economies, and restoration of habitat for both wildlife and people. To give you an idea of what we’re looking for, here are a few examples:



The restorative economy (restoration economy) - This would include: 

  • Everyday people of all ages earning a livelihood from doing environmental clean-up in their cities, towns, and rural areas.  
  • Areas (mostly rural) which have gone all-in on conservation in general; converting private land to conservation land, protecting wildlife corridors.
  • Examples of reconnecting people with their natural environment.

More examples of the stories we are looking for:

  • Stories of transformation for everyday people, such as young people from impoverished backgrounds rebuilding their community, becoming environmental leaders - to financial professionals getting into eco-activism, and large corporations or foundations taking on significant programs, such as designing and building sustainable towns/cities, or supplying college education for every eligible child in a town, etc.
  • Self-sustaining/sustainable towns - This is the next generation of sustainability, going beyond recycling and bike lanes to cities that get all their power from renewable energy sources, that are able to feed their inhabitants from local sources and that have the political mandate to facilitate these initiatives. If you know about cities that are on the cutting edge of sustainability, let us know!
  • Existing/emerging technologies that look to America - From solar powered cell phones to contact lenses that can read blood sugar levels for diabetics, there’s a brave new world of inventions that look to empower average people directly, putting them in charge of their lives without interference. What’s the next invention that’s going to help the most people? We’d like to know.


These stories will take center stage in our various American Dream the Movie initiatives.  Along with the website and the film, which is scheduled for a nationwide theatrical release in 2017, there will also be an American Dream Conference, where the film will be previewed and which will feature our partners and sponsors. The goal of that conference will be to jump-start a nationwide dialogue about the American dream, what happened to it, and how it can be used to ignite a new movement towards a more socially healthy and equal nation.


Send us your solutions - by clicking here:

You can see more about the project online at:


Thanks for all you do!!


In Community, 


Katrina Zavalney

Film Ambassador and Community Coordinator 
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