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The weekly newsletter for black women in tech. 1 year in 🥳!

Hey Happy Tuesday 👋🏾,


I want to say thank you to each since one of our members - newsletter subscribers, slack members, twitter members, and especially the OG's that have been us through the soft launch!

Special thanks as well to both Amanda Crawford, Frauvis community member who bought me 5 coffees and Charles Coulter, former classmate for sending some love on the Cashapp 💰🎁💸!

Why start Frauvis?

The super-short version. As many of you know, I started this community after almost 10 years in tech. Never had I worked with a black woman, not even in the same department. I spent the last 2 years of contemplating creating a space for black women in tech. After meeting so many at meetups and asking on their thoughts of this idea, not one person said, "no, bad idea". All responses were always "yes, thank you, we need this"!


  • Well for one, it's me🙃! It's been hard having to start life over, figuring out a place to live while I build Frauvis & Culturefiy, visa issues, racism in Europe, and health. It's apparent that my consistency or lack thereof, has affected how our members engage. This is the number one thing I want to focus on for the next year. Making this a place where a more black woman can say they felt elevated supported and helped! 
  • Running Frauvis entirely alone. Includes curating black women in tech and POC specific content, podcast editing, coaching, book club, and managing social media. 
  • Lack of funds from supporters and sponsors. Many expressed we are too niche and small in members for sponsorship. So let's hope this changes soon! (p.s. If your job will consider sponsoring, please send them my way)

What keeps me going? 

You guys! Do you guys remember the meetup back in December? Before that, I was feeling so down. I lost all my belongings in a flood (laptop clothes shoes camera - everything), in the hospital twice, quit my job to take a mental health leave... I can just go on with all my horrors in the past year. But it was at the meetup that I felt rest assured that this community was meant to be. People were wrong, black women do want a space to come together, be us, and elevate each other. I also appreciate that almost every week someone messages me with something they liked in the newsletter, or when a member lets me know that I've helped them.

Talking Numbers


Community Stats

  • 83 Slack members
  • 973 Twitter followers
  • 372 Members across all platforms
  • 557 Podcast plays


*1. This includes outreach, podcast recording, podcast editing, coaching, newsletter, sponsor outreach, collaboration outreach, and podcast guest outreach. 
*2. This does not include initial business and legal fee’s.

Please let me know if any of these calculations are wrong or you have any questions.

How can you help?

Support on Cash AppBuy Me A Coffee, or via Patreon

Any amount is always appreciated. If every community member gave $1-2 a month, it would help cover basic expenses. I can focus less on mundane task, less on operations, and more on the mission. I spend sometimes 40-47 hours a week working on Frauvis (give or take).

Sis, I know, the feeling. If you're also strapped for cash 😬. That's ok, there are many ways to show support. Including promoting us to friends, family, and coworkers who care about our community.

Sharing is caring and 🔑 to our growth 📈!

Alone with financial support here are more things you can do:
  • Share the newsletter, podcast, events, and social media post with your colleagues, groups within your college, family, and friends. 
  • Share with co-workers and in internal company slack groups. 
  • Send our community information to HR managers, Culture and People Managers, and Recruiters who would love to work with Frauvis on open job roles.
  • Provide feedback, good and bad are all welcome! It's the only way to improve and cipher what works.
  • Rate our podcast on iTunes.
  • Become a podcast guest 😏🎙. 

What’s next?

I'm sure you are wondering why this email wasn't full of upcoming company goals. Well twice in one year, I announced plans for the community and not all worked out. Now I have settled 🥳and can focus more on the community, events, and digging deeper into technical career development!

I have some ideas and plans I want to finally implement. Your next email will include a feedback survey, to better understand if what I have envisioned is aligned with what the community wants and needs.

From now until mid-September I need to focus on revamping the Frauvis community, StartUp School, and building Culturefiy. As mentioned earlier, the newsletter takes quite some time, so I need to shift my time and focus.

Enjoy for now, and thank you again for being a wonderful member ❤️! Excited to watch us grow!

Naya, Founder + CEO

 Jobs 💼 

Hand-picked positions at companies where diversity is 🔑not a  ✅ 
Email Platform Engineer
Remote // Zapier

Email Marketing Specialist
Remote // Zapier

Machine Learning Engineer
Boston // O'Reilly Media
Engineering Manager
Atlanta // Blavity

Frontend Software Engineer
Atlanta // Blavity

Javascript Engineer
Boston // O'Reilly Media

✨Community Updates ✨


Our newsletter will go out when possible, from today through mid-September. Most likely on a bi-weekly basis. Don't worry, we are not going anywhere, just making improvements for a better community for you 🤗.

Meeting Up

We didn't have book club yesterday, or the community chat. Instead, we will have a community chat this Wednesday at 7 pm, via Google Hangouts. Info below:

Frauvis Community Chat
Thursday, August 1 6pm – 7:pm

Join Hangouts Meet

Join by phone
+1 641-715-7076 PIN: 304 503 983#

It's been an amazing year, let's keep going!
Thank you for your support! 

Feedback, questions, & more to
Please forward this email to other black women in tech 🙏🏾.
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