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Hello <<First Name>> 👋🏾,

What a year! I am very thankful for each and every person who has both been a part of and supported this community. I am excited to see the support and love shown for each other and the career growth of so many black women in tech!

It may be tempting to get lost in trying to organize your life or “get it together” by well... today. I personally do not set New Year's goals or resolutions. It's ok to set your own goal setting and reflection schedule! I personally find you become more aware throughout the year. You are forced to question the present you, and how to improve in the present moment. I actually do this quarterly, makes a huge difference! 

Many of you don’t know this about me... I am a bit of an organization and productivity freak, nerd, obsessor - I don't like labels very much. Let's just say I really like to be organized 😅. When I started my first business I was very overwhelmed with high school shenanigans, learning to code, working at a grocery store, and doing 50 hours of volunteering. To this day, I don’t think any of this was possible without learning how to categorize my life, time block, and set daily schedule themes. And while this might make me sound like a super-smart 16yr old. I can attribute much of these learning to a financial advisor and IT admin who I now consider my early career mentors 🙏🏾.

Here is an example of how I categorize my life. The main categories are Personal, Finance, Health, Spiritual, Travel, and Work. These main categories are how I organize my calendar, habits, and todos. If this kinda stuff interests you, I'll be sharing more of this in my free personal newsletter (emails go out once per month). 

In this newsletter, you will find resources and links I have personally found helpful, effective, and useful. For those who don’t use Skillshare, I highly suggest to check out courses shared in this newsletter. With Skillshare you receive a 2 months free trail with access to all courses. I don’t spend money on learning very often, but learning video and podcast editing from Skillshare helped me to support myself these past 6 months. 

Career Development


Reviews and Self Evaluation

If you are looking for a template to review 2019. Anne-Laurie, founder of Ness Labs and the Maker Mind newsletter, shared a simple 15-page template that can take less than 1 hour to fill out.

Before sending this out, I came across Soyo's Yearly review 😀! Soyo has done so much this year and really set the pathway for many community members! If you have one you'd like to be shared in the next newsletter, simply reply to this email and send me a link.

I personally like to ask myself these questions on a monthly and quarterly basis:
  • What went right?
  • What went wrong?
  • What did I learn?
  • What can I do differently?
My in-depth version sometimes looks something like this:
  • What was the best decision I made in the past year?
  • What qualities did I gain this year? 
  • What made me happy? What made me sad/depressed?
  • What was the biggest risk I took in the past year?
  • What can I do better in the upcoming year?
  • What seemed to be a recurring theme and why?
  • Who were the three people that had the greatest impact on my life?
  • Who was an absolute detriment to my life this year? (people that g2g)
  • What did I do for others this year, and how can I do more in this upcoming year?


Understanding and navigating freelancing can be so very tough. It was very exciting to see many of the ladies in the community want to freelance in Web Design, Cyber Security, and IT in 2020. Some pointers I can give from my experience in 2020:
  1. Create processes before taking your first client.
  2. Set working hours and determine the rate based on needed yearly income.
  3. Create a universal invoice template.
  4. Create a contract and ask for 50% upfront. 
  5. Separate personal finances from freelance work finances.
  6. Consult in a lawyer and accountant.
I saved about over 30 articles, videos, and classes on freelancing. Here are my top favorite resources:


There is so much information around the web on productivity. Look no further, these Skillshare Classes are seriously all you need to get on track!



If you are looking to be more productive and eliminate distractions, I highly recommend Nir Eyal's book Indistractable. If you think Do Not Disturb mode is enough to keep you productive, guess again, Nir shares distractions you may have never thought of, and how to limit them. 


Effective Studying

Have you heard of Ali Abdaal? He is a 25-year-old doctor, coder, teacher, and entrepreneur. Already built a $1mil business. It is very safe to say Ali has mastered time management, life, and effective studying alone the way! As we have many students, I believe it's worth to check out Ali's channel, especially his video How to study for exams - Evidence-based revision tips is a must-watch. If you love his videos, check out his blog as well.


Forming good habits are hard! It's best to start off slow. Instead of wanting to start 2020 with 10 new habits you want to start in 30 days. What not go for something a bit more realistic such as 3 new habits in Q1 of 2020. I personally have found this helps me to keep my sanity and deviates from possible disappointments. If you need a book to add to your 2020 list - James Clear's Atomic Habits is the right place to get started. 

I also loved these two articles by Osasu Arigbe, 8 Positive Habits for the New Year and Free Code Camps Start from Square Zero: Hidden Habits You Need for a Successful Career in Tech.

Whether you are getting ready for NYE parties or relaxing at home, I hope you enjoyed this issue, and have a wonderful start to the new decade! 😀 See you in 2020 💃🏾!

Founder & CEO 
Naya Moss
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