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Why the Secomea solution is a perfect fit for machine builders!
It is a fact that the Secomea solution was designed and optimized for the mutual remote access needs of machine builders (OEM). But often the benefits and arguments are seen to be explained differently depending on the role of the representative of the OEM. From time to time we have been asked to provide a complete, prioritized list of benefits and features and which would satisfy all roles. Not an easy task, but we have taken on the challenge!
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Learn how Singer Instruments
use Secomea SiteManager Embedded

The Secomea SiteManager Embedded option is used to support customers with diagnosis of issues and software updates.
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SiteManager hardware vs software, which should I choose?
One of the important features of the Secomea solution is the possibility to apply SiteManager gateway functionality as software on an existing HMI, IPC or other open platforms. In this article, we discuss the features of both solutions, how they differ and when it would make sense to combine both types in your Secomea infrastructure.
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