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March 2014

  Product News

As promised in last Newsletter, XIMEA presents new line called xiB. These are the newest high-speed, high resolution PCIe cameras in compact housing (60 x 60 x 38 mm), that use the most recent CMV20000 sensors from CMOSIS and are able to provide 20 Mpix at 33 fps speed.
Other important features and benefits include absence of frame grabbers, distances up to 300m, low power consumption, remote lens control via Cannon EF-mount.

  USB3 News

In preparation to next USB3 Vision plugfest, XIMEA being a member of the Technical committee decided to test xiQ line of USB 3.0 cameras to confirm the compliance. Testing included AIA's validation suite and the Command Verifier tool from the USB Implementer's Forum (USB-IF).
New models successfully passed all needed tests and now eagerly await testing with third-party imaging libraries such as National Instruments LabVIEW, MVTec HALCON, and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL).

  Machine Vision News

Long Distance Relationships Can Work

There is a common misconception floating around in the Machine Vision world. In essence it states that USB 3.0 is limited only to short distance applications.
XIMEA and Newnex have worked together to provide customers with options that destroy this restriction and offer passive cables as well as active repeaters with lengths of 15m or fiber extenders with stable connection over 100m distances.
You can check different accessories on our website or ask us directly about possibilities for your application. 


Having a strong technological background ourselves, we always admire students who strive to create something that would explore new pathways for all of us.
Since robotics is the field where XIMEA cameras are very effective, we decided to help students integrate our models into their application dealing with AI advances and you can read more about it in the article following the link above.
Vasant Desai
Dear reader,
We would like to cordially invite you to visit our Booth 501 at The Vision Show in Boston, 15 – 17 April 2014

We love to surprise our clients with new models that are on the edge of technological advances and would like to demonstrate these to you during the show:

xiB – you can find more details regarding this new addition on the left in the first of the articles.

xiD - this family is a continuation of USB3 line which brings CCD sensors from Sony and finally offers true Scientific grade cameras with USB 3.0 interface. High quality sensors include ICX674, ICX694, ICX814, and ICX834 with "EXview HAD CCD II" pixel technology.

xiQ – field proven family of world’s smallest USB3 cameras presents its new members with NIR versions, board level models, resolutions from VGA to 4 Mpix and frame rates up to 500fps. OEM customization and support of USB3 Vision standard included.
xiMU – these extremely small cameras that deliver 5Mpix using GenTL/GenICam need to be highlighted more since they are easy to overlook with the measures of just 15x15x8mm. Board level options are especially popular with OEM customers involved in 3D scanning, Medical, display control and Robotic arms.

Vasant Desai,


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