October 2014

  Product News

We revel in surprising our customers with new unconventional and unique product developments. Since Vision switched to two year cycle, XIMEA has more time to prepare and this year we would like to excite you with a whole section dedicated to interesting, progressive technology which we labeled: xiLAB

  USB3 News

The latest addition to CCD line is model based on ICX834 sensor utilizing "EXview HAD CCD II" and powered by single USB 3.0 cable.
Explore remarkable 15 Fps speed capabilities achieved by taking full advantage of 4TAP technology implemented in Sony sensors.

  Software News

In unison with consistent rise of interest for ARM based platforms, which XIMEA has registered from our customers and potential clients, the list of different CPU boards is continuously expanding thru integration into API that is provided as part of the package with XIMEA cameras.

  Technology News

Buffer and lost frames

There are ongoing questions regarding the use of Buffer in cameras and what are the consequences of its presence or absence.
If this is an important issue for your decision you might consider reading a few relevant observations in a short article on XIMEA support pages.
Max Larin
We would like to cordially invite you to visit our Booth C51 in Hall1 at Vision Show in Stuttgart, 4-6 November 2014

After the long wait Vision Show is finally here and XIMEA is eager to present highly capable new solutions and additions to proven products. Here are the ones not to miss:

xiB – if you have not yet heard about this camera line that uses PCI Express interface it might be very much worth the while to check the options it provides and ask our engineers about peculiar details.

xiD - this family of high quality CCD cameras was introduced earlier in the year, but it kept adding new models and versions to choose from. Interesting sensors from Sony and amazing multi-tap readout speed in combination with operation thru single USB3 cable and options like TEC Peltier Cooling or board level.

xiQ – well known USB3 Vision camera family provides the convincing quality many years and XIMEA added a few extra options for truly game changing possibilities in cooperation with several hardware and software partners. Visit the booth to talk about them more in xiLAB section.

xiRAY– there are many high end cameras in XIMEA portfolio, but this family is the top notch. In case you are working in the field of X-RAY vision you are very welcome to inspect this extremely small xray camera.
You can apply for FREE TICKET here.

Max Larin,


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