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It’s incredibly hard to keep perspective right now.
It’s difficult to not become obsessive about checking the news, since there is always something changing.  Almost everyone I know is overwhelmed to one degree or another. It feels like we’re standing on shifting sands.
I am finding it helpful to choose to notice the things that have stayed the same.
The sun still rises every morning, and it has been especially glorious the last few days. Green grass is slowly pushing up from under last year’s leftover dried layer.
The birds are still migrating back; they have not even noticed anything has changed.
The soil temperature is warming. The trees are budding and will soon begin the process of growing blossoms, which will then start producing apples.
It’s amazing to think anything at all could be the same today as it was last week, but the orchard has not even noticed.

As for us farmers, we are a bit more frazzled. It is hard to know exactly what plans to make, or how we should move forward. But all any of us can do right now is focus on the things we can control, and take things one day at a time.
We want you to know that we are taking necessary precautions. (we had our management meeting while standing in an excessively large circle in the parking lot. :) ). However, we are still moving forward towards opening. Like we said, the apple trees don’t know anything has changed in the world. Since the trees are still doing their job, us farmers will keep doing ours. The reality is, no matter what the next few months hold, people will still need to eat. We will continue to farm and grow food, and we are thinking creatively about how things may need to change to get you your food in the most secure way possible.
As all of us need to, we are holding our plans with an open hand.  We promise to keep you up to date along the way.   The one thing we know is that we are committed to growing safe and healthy food for our community, and we consider it an honour and privilege to do so.
We continue to be thankful for you, our faithful customers.
Stay safe,
The Davison Family

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