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Timeless Simplicity

Growing up on the farm, I have a lot of treasured childhood memories. Soups and Apple Slices at Nana’s house, painting pumpkins with mom, “helping” dad on the tractor, feeding the animals with Grandpa. Over the years, much as changed; for sure the size of the parking lot, the staff uniforms (thank goodness the old bakery uniforms are gone), and we’ve definitely got a wider range of gourds for decorating than we used to have. But when I think back, there is also much that remains the same. And I’m really proud of that. There are a few products that are particularly fulfilling to produce year after year. Those are our apples, our pies, and our apple juice.

   One of my favourite questions to be asked is, “What is a good apple for ?” I love this question because I love talking about apples. I am so thankful that we grow so many varieties. There is a lot I have learned about the differences in taste, in how they bake and in how they keep. Each apple has so much to offer, and it is fun to be the apple experts. We grow over twenty different varieties, so whatever your need or preference, we’ve got an apple that you’ll love.

   Davison Pies. I am also very proud of our pies. It takes good quality ingredients to make a good quality pie. And because our apples are fresh, and there are absolutely no ‘nonsense’ ingredients, our pies are outstanding. There is great satisfaction in the simplicity of our pies and we have been diligent to guard that simplicity and quality over many years. These days with three young boys at home, I am particularly fond of the frozen unbaked pies we sell. We close in a few short weeks, and so these frozen beauties are a way I can enjoy my Davison Pie long after the market doors are shut and the bakers have gone home. Plus, what is better on a cold winter day than the warmth of a house smelling like pie?

   And finally, our pure, cold pressed apple juice. As a little girl, I loved to watch my dad make apple juice. I can remember standing there, watching the apples, listening to the crusher and watching the apple juice drip, drip, drip as it was pressed out of the apple pulp. I can still hear it, still smell it, and almost still taste it. When I was really spoiled, I could run and borrow a mug from Nana and get a taste right out of the press. This product is over twenty-five years old for us and our process has not changed. I am proud of that. That is the legacy of the generation before me. They made quality products and we’re sticking to them. Why change something that’s working?! It was only apples when I was eight, and it’s as pure and delicious as it was then. Simply apples, nothing added, nothing taken away. I am proud of that, really proud of that.

   We are now two weeks from the end of October. Davison Orchards will soon be closed for the season. Come up and enjoy these delicious, timeless staples with us while they are still fresh and available. And if you’re anything like me, clear some space in the freezer and bring them out to impress family and friends during the snowy winter months!

Laura Shaw
(4th Generation Davison)
Click the above photo to watch Laura Shaw bake a simple and delicious apple crumble.
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