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When Summer Meets Fall at Davison Orchards

You can feel it in the early morning and you can smell it in the air. If you look, you’ll see it in the turning of the leaves, the ripening fields, and the apple trees. I experienced it as I took a stroll through the Produce Barn at Davison Orchards, a bin full of huge watermelon, beside an equally overflowing bin of beautifully ripe squash (try our new Silky Squash Soup recipe). If you slow down and take it all in, you’ll see we have one foot in summer and the other in fall.

    Is that not what the September long weekend represents? It’s the last blast before we all admit the summer days are over and settle into the comfort and coziness of fall. Summer is exciting, but for a farmer, even more than summer, we look forward to fall. That is because you literally get to reap what you’ve sown. And as apple farmers, fall means it is time to bring in what we’ve worked hard for all year, a much-anticipated harvest. There is still much work to be done to harvest everything on time. While there is much joy as we gather in the apple crop, it is quietly accompanied by a sigh of relief! Every bin of apples that comes in from the orchard is another reason to give thanks to the One who causes all things to grow.

    We love sharing our farm experience with you, but not just by telling you about it, we want you to be able to experience it for yourself. In September, you and your family and friends can come up and experience exactly what I’m talking about, the delight of bringing in the apple harvest. Our September orchard tours are special because they are U-Pick apple tours. Tours are running every weekend from 10am to 4pm, and new this year, U-Pick tours will also be offered on Friday afternoons (starting Sept 7th) from noon to 4pm. These tours are very interactive. The farmer will invite you off the train and into the orchard brimming with apples, bursting with colour and flavour. He will tell you about the variety that you get to pick, explain how to properly pick an apple, and then encourage you to enjoy the beauty around you as you harvest apples into your very own bag.

    Eating a fresh apple is a privilege that not many will experience, but we in the Okanagan get to enjoy it every year. Relishing that experience is one thing but eating an apple that you and your little one got to pick, that is an even sweeter experience as you savour the memories you made together! Come up and see us on the Bella Vista hills and listen to the nostalgic sound of the Johnny Popper tractors poppin’ through the orchard!

See you soon at our September Apple Festival!

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