August 2019

Welcome back!
We hope everyone has had an enjoyable and relaxing summer. Club ice starts Tuesday, September 3 and we are looking forward to seeing everyone! Our sessions at both Mt. Pleasant and Ice World are filling up, so if you plan to lock in, please send your forms and payment to Judy Carrig ASAP. Forms are available on our website at

FYI, Mt. Pleasant is still under renovation. The rink will be open for contract customers but the lobby and front entrance will not be accessible. Skaters should enter through the hockey entrance that is to the left of the front door.

Thank you to our volunteers!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at the Chesapeake Open! We couldn't have done it without you! Believe it or not, we will soon start planning for the 2020 Chesapeake Open. Dates are June 24-27.

We wish the following members the best of luck at upcoming competitions!

Ryan Dunk has been chosen to represent the United States at Junior Grand Prix events in Lake Placid, NY (August 28-31) and Gdansk, Poland (Sept 18-21)!

Ting Cui has been chosen to represent the United States at the U.S. International Classic in Salt Lake City, UT (Sept 18-21) and at the Senior Grand Prix events in Grenoble, France  (Nov 1-3) and Sapporo, Japan (Nov 22-24)!

Katie Koster (Novice Ladies), Claire Sanses (Novice Ladies) and Alexa Winter (Intermediate Ladies) will be competing at the South Atlantic Regionals Qualifying Competition!

Congratulations to all of our members who have competed this summer!
Glacier Falls Summer Classic
Ryan Dunk-Senior Men Combined, Gold medal

Lake Placid Figure Skating Championships
Ryan Dunk-Senior Men Combined, Gold medal
Peggy Fleming Trophy at the Broadmoor Open
Ting Cui-Senior level
Open Professional Figure Skating Championships
Bridget Carrig
Chesapeake Open
Katie Koster-Novice Ladies Combined
Alexa Winter-Intermediate Ladies Combined
Ella Maddalone-No-Test Freeskate, Silver medal
Jonathan-Yin-Preliminary Boys Freeskate, Silver medal
Elia Chung-Pre-Gold Solo Pattern Dance
Holly Levy-Juvenile Solo Combined
Maya Liwanag-Excel Pre-Preliminary Freeskate, Bronze medal
Claire Sanses-Novice Ladies Combined
Pre-Summer Skate Challenge
Hailey Hill
Houston Konetzki
Cameron Konetzki
Ella Maddalone
Potomac Open
Katie Koster-Novice Ladies Combined
Hershey Open
Diana Cheng-Masters Int-Novice Ladies FS
Ella Robb-Pre-Preliminary Girls FS
Skate Wilmington
Alexa Winter-Intermediate Ladies Combined
Katie Koster-Novice Ladies Combined
Emi Williams- No-Test Girls FS
Ella Maddalone-No Test Girls FS, Gold medal      
Hoon Gonzalez-Basic 3 Boys, Pewter medal  
Philadelphia Summer Championships
Alexa Winter-Intermediate Ladies
Atlanta Open
Matilda Trimble-Novice Solo Combined
Lake Placid Dance Championship
Matilda Trimble-Novice Solo Combined
Michelle Daichman-Senior Solo Combined
US Collegiate Championships
Maya Jones-Junior Ladies, Pewter medal


Congratulations to all of our members who passed tests recently!
Vicki Cwiertnie-Adult Silver MIF
Alexa Winter-Junior MIF
Amanda Gerber-Novice MIF and Juvenile FS
Delayna Good-Intermediate MIF
Reece Hinkle-Intermediate MIF and Swing Dance, completing Pre-Bronze Dance
Matilda Trimble-Rocker Foxtrot
Holly Levy-Fiesta Tango, completing Pre-Bronze Dance
Beatrice Messaris-Swing Dance, ChaCha, Fiesta Tango, completing Pre-Bronze Dance
Emi Williams-Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues completing Preliminary Dance
Rebecca Smith-Solo Dutch Waltz, Solo Canasta Tango, Solo Rhythm Blues, completing Preliminary Solo Dance
Aya Srisukwattananan-Pre Juvenile MIF
Svara Shrestha-Pre-Preliminary MIF
Sierra Schmidt-Adult Pre Bronze MIF
Daytona Price-Pre Preliminary MIF and Pre Preliminary FS
Lindsey Armah-Pre Preliminary MIF 
Andrew Konetzki-Adult Pre-Bronze MIF and Adult Pre-Bronze FS
Kirill Solovyev-Intermediate Free Dance and Adult Gold Pair
Paige Sawyer-Juvenile MIF
Abby Gelman-Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, completing Preliminary Dance
Ilana Cymet-Pre-Preliminary FS
Nori Leybengrub-Junior MIF
Reece Hinkle-Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz, Ten-Fox, completing Bronze Dance
Lola Cavers-Preliminary MIF
Holly Levy -Willow Waltz
Yiyun Li-Intermediate MIF, Pre-Preliminary FS
Savannah Metzger-Hickory Hoedown, Willow Waltz, Ten Fox, completing Bronze Dance
Meghan Young-Paso Doble, Quick Step, completing Pre-Gold Dance
Lauren Carrig-Finnstep
Greg Maddalone-Finnstep
Keira Dunn-Pre Juvenile MIF
Ella Maddalone-Fourteenstep
Matilda Trimble-Junior MIF
Matilda Trimble-Tango-completing Silver Dance; Kilian 
Michelle Daichman-Senior Free Dance
Ryan Dunk-Senior FS
Tanya Cerniglia-Juvenile MIF
Madison Gann-Juvenile MIF
Sophie Ma-Preliminary MIF, Pre-Juvenile MIF, Juvenile MIF and Intermediate MIF

Arjun Sagar-Pre-Preliminary MIF
Sierra Wendland-Juvenile MIF
Emi Williams-Juvenile MIF and Pre-Preliminary FS
Elia Chung-Paso Doble, Kilian, Blues
Raley Elliott-Swing Dance, ChaCha, Fiesta Tango completing Pre-Bronze Dance
Holly Levy-Fourteenstep
Aya Srisukwattananan-Juvenile MIF
BFSC Members Attend USFS Governing Council

BFSC representatives John, Bridget and Dennis at Governing Council in Colorado Springs:

Congratulations to John and Holly Cole for 25 years of judging!

It's Wedding Season!

Congratulations to BFSC coach and honorary member Kimmie Meissner and her husband Josh Heyne, who were married on August 24!

Welcome to the following new members!

Acacia Algarin
Claudia Brown
Tacy Brown
Anastasia Christy
Emily Clingan
Ilana Cymet
Michelle Daichman
Michaela Drehmer
Isabella Duda
Raley Elliott
Raffi Frank
Madison Gann
Hoon Gonzalez
Sara Grutkowski
Nora Hess
Orrin Hinkle
Reece Hinkle
Elaine McNesby
Kaitlynn Meade
Mikayla Nester
Alesia Oliver
Ella Robb
Arjun Sagar
Gabriela Sanchez
Kirill Solovyev
Nicole Stizza
Hannah Weatherholtz
Sierra Wendland
Grace Zhang
William Zhang

Upcoming Events

South Atlantic Regionals Sendoff: Sunday, September 22, Mt. Pleasant, 1:30 PM

Halloween Party: Wednesday, October 30, Ice World, 5:10-7 PM

Test session: Friday, November 1, 8 AM-noon, Mt. Pleasant

Test session: Sunday, December 8, 9 AM-2:45 PM, Mt. Pleasant


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