Ella Maddalone competed with Gardens Synchronicity placing 7th in the Pre Juvenile division.

Sophie Soltanian and Emily Feldman                       Wendy Shu with University of MD team
with DC Edge Junior Team

Intercollegiate Competition at MIT Feb 2-4
Becky Blackstone: 3rd Intermediate Short Program,
                                 3rd Excel Intermediate Long                                                  
Margot Chirikjian: Excel Juvenile Plus ladies -4th place, 
                               12th Low Team Maneuvers                                                                     
Sonya Choudhary: 9th Excel Pre Preliminary Ladies,                                                                          
                     Smith  5th Place Low Team Maneuvers             
Rebecca Smith: 6th Excel Preliminary Ladies, 
                            6th Place Preliminary Dance,
                            5th Place Low Team Maneuvers
Lindsey Armah: 3rd- Excel High Beginner ladies 
                            5th Place Low Team Maneuvers 
Meagan Konetzki: 7th place Excel High Beginner 
Daphne Burton: 9th place Preliminary Dance
Drew Konetzki: 2nd- Excel High Beginner men
Isobel Springer: 1st- Excel Pre-Preliminary ladies
A standing ovation for our medal winners!

                                                                                        Lindsey Armah

        Isobel Springer                                                          Drew Konetzki