Pharma focus: interpreting mitochondrial data

Targeting mitochondria

Mitochondria are present in every cell of the body and control essential cell functionsAltered mitochondrial function and behavior have further been recognized in CNS diseases, cancer, metabolic diseases and more generally in age-associated diseases. Drug-induced modifications of mitochondrial function and behavior, when unintended, are also associated with severe side effects. As such, they represent a major target for drug development.

ICDD's added value: helping you interpret mitochondrial data

Mitochondria are increasingly being targeted by the drug industry, but the technologies developed to meet this need only provide scientists with a read-out of one or several mitochondrial elements in the form of numbers.

ICDD offers HTS and HCA industry-validated technologies to examine both mitochondrial function and behavior. However, ICDD also offers a full team of experts, that beyond providing you with test results and data, helps you with their interpretation.

Making sure the information and insights you gain from us can be used to improve drug development and patient health is essential to ICDD, which is why ICDD also develops pertinent cell models. To ensure that our results and interpretations are meaningful, the analysis of mitochondria is further done inside a a living cell, so as to maintain existing interactions, with fully customizable integrated multiplexed bioassays.

Contact us to discuss with one of our scientists how our models and technologies can be adapted to provide you with the information you need!
With our technologies and expertise we can help you test your drugs' efficiency at pertinent targets for many disease areas: CNS diseases, cancer, metabolic diseases, cardioprotection, and anti-virals.
Use our expertise with mitochondria to identify your drugs' mechanism of action early on to speed optimization at pertinent targets, refine your drugs' indication, and define their contingency plan.
Our Cellesis toxicity profiler uses mitochondrial data to anticipate your drugs' clinical tolerance at an early preclinical stage to help you invest in those drugs' most likely to reach market.
For more information about mitochondria and how they might be a pertinent target to you, visit our newly updated website: 

You will find literature highlights for specific indications in our pharmaceutical services page as well as an informative page dedicated to mitochondria.


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