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Christmas is almost upon us, so this will be the only issue of my newsletter in December. I hope I have included something here that will be like opening a gift for your writing life.
To Write or Not To Write or Creating Balance During the Holidays

No one knows better than another writer the pressure holidays or special occasions can bring to the writing life. 

A number of pressures, including some deadlines, stare you in the face each day causing you stress just before this holiday season, right? Some experts say go ahead and keep to your writing schedule, but that isn't always easy. If you need some relief, try some of these suggestions:

Take a holiday break. If you have the time and can afford to, taking a short break from writing over the holidays isn't a sin or a crime. Despite the fact that Stephen King will be writing during the holidays, we can't live under that pressure. After all, he's so far ahead of us in the writing game it doesn't matter what he's doing! It's what you can do that's right for you.

No Time for a Break? Then Pull Back. If taking a break makes you feel nervous, then pull back a bit. For example, cut down your word count. If you usually write 3,000 words each day, cut back by 50%. Whatever suits your ongoing writing. Carry a notebook along wherever you go to write down those ideas that come as you observe the people around you. Perhaps you have a small project you've been wanting to start. The holidays might just be the time to get started.

Family and Friends Are a Priority. Some of the greatest pressure writers face at the holidays are those imposed by family and friends. Of course, you want to be with them for tree trimming, eggnog, holiday movies, and more. How to make this work? Use your calendar. Not only will you write down holiday commitments but also your writing time, i.e. 5:30pm Party at Jim and Sue's, 8:00pm Craft dialogue for Ch. 7. 

Lastly, Take a Look Backward and Forward. If you have time for nothing else during the holidays, take a brief look back and write down your accomplishments for 2014. Then, jot down a rough draft of your 2015 goals. Perhaps even begin to block an outline for that next project. This can be very satisfying when accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate.

Happy holidays and I'll see you soon,

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