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In February our foundation celebrated her 20 years Anniversary. Our board had decided to spend the money not on a big celebration party but to use the money for a school related project in Cambodia. In the following we will inform you about the projects SSCR could realize in 2016 with the donations received from all of you and the planned projects for 2017. 
Projects 2016

Opening of a girls home and a new crèche

2016 started with the inauguration of a girls home for 30 students who are following a two years vocational training at the Don Bosco Guesthouse and a crèche which is situated on the ground floor of the girls home for kids from the poor neighbourhood. Please read here more about this project.

New English children books and second hand books for the Don Bosco Hotel School

From the foundation Biblionef we received in April 2268 new English children books for 11 new to be established school libraries. Next to this we received from the Hotel School in The Hague a donation of several second hand books on behalf of the Don Bosco Hotel School in Sihanouk Ville. Beginning of August all books were shipped by Kuehne + Nagel free of charge together with several other donated goods via Foundation Sawasdee and the shipment arrived in October. The next photo shows you how interested the children are listening  to the new stories.

86 second hand bicycles for orphans

In May 2016 our local partner Spie-en / Foundation The Bridge could distribute 86 second hand bicycles which SSCR had organized the funding in co-operation with the Dutch co- finance organisation Wild Geese. The school- and village leaders had made a list of the eligible orphans who are living more than 3 km from their school and have a so called “poor ID” which indicates them as children in need. The children may use these bicycles as long as they continue to attend the school regularly but have to give the bicycles back to our local partner if the children stop their education before they have finished the final. This will be checked regularly by the local volunteers. Once the children have successfully finalized their school education they will receive the bicycles as a gift for further use. Wild Geese has co-financed this project with a premium of 50% over all received donations.

Everyone is very enthusiastic about the new bicycle!

School uniforms and canteen tables

Wild Geese also co-financed this year two sets of the compulsory school uniforms for nearly 10.000 needy children in Cambodia. Via our local partner Spie-en we could hand out 1.386 sets of school uniforms to 693 orphans which were all made locally by small enterprises which were all funded by microfinancing via our local partner Spie-en.
In a second project Wild Geese co-financed the production of 8.400 school uniforms which were made as an on the job training by students from the sewing department of the Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS). In December the Don Bosco Children Fund will distribute two sets of these school uniforms to 4.200 children who are monthly supported by the Don Bosco Children Fund.
In another project SSCR financed in cooperation with Wild Geese the production of 20 canteen tables again as an on the job training made by students from the metal division of the DBTS in Phnom Penh and at the this year newly opened DBTS in Salabalath. The stainless steel tables tops will be made in Phnom Penh and the table legs and benches will be made in Salabalath. Once the canteen tables will be ready end of December they will be used in the canteen of the two Don Bosco schools in Andaung Chenh, Battambang where a Dutch volunteer, Tineke van de Beek has been working already for 12 years and had asked us to install the new canteen tables due to the growing numbers of school children.      

 Some of the orphans in their new school uniforms

New village school in Omalu                
Due to a very unusual long period of monsoon the building process for the new school building in Omalu has been delayed for two months. In the meantime the building has been successfully completed in October and we are now only waiting for the dry period so that the school furniture and the slide, seesaws and swings for the playground can be transported by the lorry. We expect that these last elements will be delivered end of November so that the inauguration of the new school can take place in December and also this co-financed project with Wild Geese has been successfully realized.

You may watch a YouTube video from the building of the new school here.
Solar panels for the Don Bosco Technical School in Sihanouk Ville 

Begin 2016 Wild Geese had agreed to co-finance the largest project ever to be realized by SSCR together with Wild Geese. This project involves the extension of the existing solar panel installation at the Don Bosco Technical School in Sihanouk Ville. When this project will have been implemented the school will only use green energy from 2017 onwards. This means that in the coming 20 years we have contributed to a reduction of CO2 emissions of some 620 tons and will have achieved a yearly cost reduction of ca. €50.000.  

50 vocational students from the division electricity will install the new solar panels under supervision of experienced teachers and one professional expert in the field of solar technique. This gives all students a splendid opportunity to learn this new solar technique on the job and will offer them a much better future for a well-paid job once they have finished their graduation. From then onwards they will be able in the future to support their own family including their parents and grandparents and this will lead them finally out of the circle of poverty. Having learned to fulfil such a modern job means for them and their family the basis for a decent life.
This year the Don Bosco organisation celebrated their 200 years of existence and the Cambodian Don Bosco Foundation looked back at 25 successful years dedicated to the poor youth of Cambodia. 2016 was also a year of transformation within the Cambodian organisation and this was one of the main reasons why our solar project will suffer a delay of perhaps up to 12 months. Also one of the vital donor organisations has changed its strategy and therefore we are looking for new donors and sponsors for this project to be able to get the necessary funding. We hope that finally we will find these funds and will be able to buy the equipment end of the first quarter of 2017 and start the installation in the second quarter of 2017 and finalize the project before end of next year. In case you would like to make a donation to this project please mention as reference: “solar project”.

Father Johan Visser
Since January 2016 Father Johan Visser is back working at Don Bosco in Poipet which he started together with SSCR 10 years ago as a project for street children which includes today also an elementary, a high school and a technical school. This year Father John celebrated his 83rd Birthday and as a result of this he decided to take a step back in some of his functions. The new Country representative for Don Bosco of Cambodia is now Father Roel Soto who is also the director of the DBTS in Phnom Penh.
SSCR project plans for 2017
A new playground and two bicycle sheds

Wild Geese has agreed to co-finance a new playground and two bicycle sheds for the two Don Bosco Vithalaya schools in Andaung Chenh, Battambang. As a result of the continuous growth in numbers of schoolchildren and a new crèche which will be opened in 2017 the extension of the playground and the bicycle shed is really necessary. In case you would like to support this project please mention: “playground and bicycle sheds” with your possible donation.

The students are happy that they can stall their bicycles in a proper bicycle shed
Building and repair of village  schools and new school furniture

In 2017 SSCR plans in co-financing with Wild Geese to finance the building of a new village school with 6 class rooms, 2 toilets and a library in Chok Sar including the school furniture and a playground. Furthermore  SSCR and Wild Geese intend to finance the repair of another school in Kratie and to buy 50 school benches and 9 tables and chairs for teachers in Thmor Sar and 100 school benches in Chamcar Lue Toul Meas. All these projects will be organized and controlled by our locale NGO partner  Spie-en. The community of Chok Sar will bring in the ground for the building and will also finance the costs for the manpower of the construction workers so that SSCR/ Wild Geese will only finance the building material. The villagers will also start a fund for future maintenance of the building which is for them something totally new as they still live only “by the day” but are not used to plan for the future. Via Foundation Biblionef we will ask new English children books for the library  and our NGO partner Spie-en will donate a water filter for each class room.  Once Wild Geese will have agreed to co-finance this project SSCR will start the fundraising for the building material, furniture and playground. In case you would like to make a donation to this project please indicate: “schools” with your payment.
3.000 water filters and 50 school bicycles for poor families
SSCR has made an application for co-financing at Wild Geese for the acquisition of 50 second-hand bicycles for poor (orphan) children who live more than 3 km away from their schools and 3.000 water filters for families in need who do have children at school. Healthy drink water is a very essential factor for good health so that the children are able to follow their education regularly. This is why SSCR decided to support next year this Millennium goals of healthy drinkable water especially for school children. The families contribute US$ 2  for the acquisition of the filters and will also pay the costs of US$ 8 for a new ceramic inner filter which has to be changed every two years. If you want to support this project please mention as payment reference: “water filters” or “bicycles”.

 Delivering and explaining the use of water filters in 2016
Financial support for schoolchildren and vocational students 

Finally we offer the possibility to support the young people who follow their school education up to grade 12. The yearly contribution for this group is €180 (€15 per month). In case you would like to support avocational student during the two year practical training for a specific job at one of the 5 Don Bosco Technical Schools the yearly contribution is €300 (€25 per month). The Don Bosco Technical Schools offer the following job educations: metal construction, electricity,  motor technic, computer, offset printing, secretarial, management and the design and sewing of clothes. At the Hotel School in Sihanouk Ville the students have the possibility to learn everything about cooking and hospitality when they serve the guests of the Hotel or the Guesthouse.Trip advisor has rated the Don Bosco Hotel School for the third year with an excellent award. In case you ever visit Sihanouk Ville please pay them a visit and stay at the Don Bosco Hotel School where you will enjoy lovely food, nice and clean rooms and can enjoy a drink at the pool knowing that indeed you also support the students learning for their future job. All students from the Don Bosco Technical Schools have a 100% guaranty for a decent and well paid job once they have graduated. And this means they are able to support their families and finally will come out of the circle of poverty. In case you want to support the school and vocational education please email to

Thank You

SSCR wants to thank our co-financing organisation Wild Geese and also you as our donor or sponsor  for your contributions to all these projects. Without this support SSCR would not have been able to complete these projects successfully and to help the poor Cambodian community. 
You can make donations to the following bank account at ING Bank with BIC / Swift code: INGBNL2A and IBAN: NL88INGB0004258870 in name of Stichting Scholenproject Cambodja in Rotterdam.
Perhaps you would like to have a look at our facebook site and give us a  like or visit our website on

Finally we want to give you the following tips: Please send your used printer cartridges  for recycling to  and apply to support the revenue towards Stichting Scholenproject Cambodja Rotterdam. And in case you are interested to buy a new book please do this via  and chose to support our foundation: YouBeDo will donate 10% of your sales towards SSCR.


We wish you, your family and your friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

With warm regards from SSCR                                                                                           

Rolf Renzow

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