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No. 180.
Gentofte/Copenhagen, Monday 25. April 2022
Dear reader,

More Danish focus on the Balkans?
On April 23. 2022 in an interview about the Danish EU defence referendum on June 1 to the Danish newspaper Politiken the Danish Prime Minister M. Frederiksen expressed the opinion that a task for the EU defence cooperation might be peace keeping missions in the Balkans. She added " now we all have focus on Ukraine. But we need to know more about what is happening on the Balkans, the other bloody conflict in our time, where we see destabilisation. If the situation worseness it would be natural that we and the EU for the sake of the population but also ourselves take responsibility.     

A proposal:
The Danish Prime Minister is quite right. More Danish focus on the Balkans is needed. A good start is to re-open the Danish embassy in Tirana and convince a few reluctant EU member states that the negotiations about EU membership with at least Albania and Nord Macedonia must be opened immediately.

North Macedonian - Albanian meeting
The North Macedonian Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Dimitrov was in Tirana on Thursday 21.04. 2022 meeting with Prime Minister Edi Rama, media report. “Honoured to meet the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama today in Tirana. We discussed the pressing need to turn the tide and make a major step toward the European integration of the Western Balkans,” the North Macedonian Deputy PM Dimitrov tweeted after his meeting with PM Rama.

TIRANA 24.04.2022 - Sunday without cars has returned to a tradition by the Municipality of Tirana. Every Sunday in the capital will be dedicated to pedestrians as a way not only to reduce pollution, but also to bring a new culture to the capital.
This initiative was taken by the Municipality of Tirana and does not coincide with the decision of the government, which has decided on the first Sunday of each month the day without cars at the national level.

Easter in Albania: Orthodox believers across the country welcomed Christ´s resurrection at midnight.

Albanian artist Dastid Miluka

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Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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