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No. 178.
Gentofte/Copenhagen, Monday 21. March 2022
Dear reader,

The EU Foreign Representative Josep Borrell visited Tirana on March 15.

Albania's integration into the EU was part of Prime Minister Rama's discussion with Borrell.
Borrel said that Albania has met the conditions and that Brussels is working hard to open negotiations within the French presidency, while adding that the war in Ukraine makes the integration of the Balkans into the EU even more urgent.
"Albania has met the conditions for the opening of negotiations and I strongly support the work done and the opening of negotiations during the French presidency. It is not a date but it is time and what I am saying about Albania is true for Northern Macedonia as well. "We are all committed to regional stability and foreign policy. Today, more than ever, the Balkans must be in the EU. We need concrete decisions within the French presidency," Borrell said.
Rama describes the integration process as a wedding where the EU is not ready yet, saying that "in Albania there is no bride who cancels the wedding because we are in great love with Europe". He said that Albania will be waiting until the EU gives the green light for negotiations.

Taxasion of small business and big businesses.

TIRANA - At a time when the war in Ukraine has given the first economic consequences in other European countries, Prime Minister Edi Rama says that Albania has found a mechanism to protect small business. For this he shows a table, where, according to him, it is shown that Albania is the only country in the region that has zero tax for small business.
Focusing on big business, Rama says that Albania since 2014 has the highest tax in the region for big business. Albania and Serbia have a large business tax of 15%, followed by Bosnia, Kosovo and Northern Macedonia with 10%, while Montenegro with 9%.

TIRANA - On March 22, the citizens of Tirana must leave their cars and go to work, to give the environment, at least for one day, the opportunity to 'escape' from the pollution, but also to save oil, at a time when the price has risen as a result of the war in Ukraine. 

The Municipality of Tirana is repeating the initiative "Day without Cars", which aims to raise awareness of citizens to avoid for at least one day the use of their vehicles, which are also the main air pollutants.

Danish - Albanian Association: Board re-elected at General assembly on March 20. 2022

From left: Ixhet Lutfiu, Claudia Westh-Lonning, Hans-Georg Nielsen (Chairman) Safet Selmanovski and Linda Kabashi. More soon about the general assembly on the association´s website.

The Albanian governments questionnaire.
Press picture to read more about the National Councelling...

That´s all for now,

Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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