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No. 176.
Gentofte/Copenhagen, Monday 7. February 2022
Dear Reader,

An often used phrase, not only by polititians, is that the world is getting more and more complikated. I am not sure this is correct, but it´s a fact that the international political aganda is changing fast and that yesterdays papers are best for wrapping fish.
The main purpose of this newsletter is to remind you, dear reader, that 3 mio. Albanians and the 17 mio in the other countries of the Western Balkans are worth your attention and respect.
Here we go...

Read everything about the Albanian Investment Developemnt Agency here...

The medieval Ottoman bridge across the Vjosa near the town of Permet.Permet is an Albanian town by the River Vjosë. Permet is famous for its cuisine, wine and raki and is a very pleasant town to spend a day or two. Nearby there are warm springs with curative effects and the canyon of the river is impressive.

Danish President Of Global Medical Aid Hans Frederik Dydensborg visited Tirana in January 2022. Besides The Ministry of health, hospitals he also had a coffee with former ambassador to Denmark, Arben Cici.
Academia Balkanica Europeana 

"The bridge" is the Magazine of the ​Academia Balkanica Europeana

The Danish - Albanian Association in Denmark.

Interested in Danish - Albanian Cooperation? Then join and support D.A.F.
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 The COVID pandemic has re-dimensioned the behavior of Albanian consumers who in the last 2 years have chosen to save in record numbers. The Bank of Albania reports that at the end of 2021 the total deposits of citizens, businesses and institutions reached the figure of 10.1 billion euros, which is the highest amount since the '90s.
Compared to 2019 when the pandemic had not yet started deposits have increased by 1.5 billion euros, as at the end of December of that year the total deposits were 8.5 billion Euros.
The highest value of deposits is in foreign currency, as it is favored by higher interest rates, but there has also been an improvement in lek deposits. At the end of 2021 about 55% of the total deposits were in Euros.(Shqiptarja).

That´s all for now,

Hans-Georg Nielsen
Albanian Honorary Consul

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PS. This newsletter is mainly sent to relevant Danish and Albanian authorities, to Danes who have shown interest in Albania, to Albanians living in Denmark and to the friends and contacts of the consulate.

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