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Yesterday we lost Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg. She was a fierce advocate for women's rights, having won  five cases involving women's rights before the Supreme Court and quoted in Time magazine as saying her strategy was to "attack the most pervasive stereotype in the law - that men are independent and women are men's dependents."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a champion for morality, equality, justice, and kindness for all. She became a gatekeeper for our democracy. She ruled against gerrymandering and other voter suppression techniques. Justice Ginsburg helped legalize gay marriage and helped women gain some equality in this nation. And we are all better because of her honor, bravery, and unwavering devotion to our nation. 

We owe it to her memory and to ourselves to continue to walk down the path of progress that she helped pave. My heart is heavy at her passing. 


Last night community leaders in Denver met at the Martin Luther King Memorial in City Park to hold a vigil for Justice Ginsburg.


We came together as a community and spoke about what she meant to us. Many people expressed feelings of anxiety and fear about what this country will become without her. Her dying wish was to be replaced by the next president of the United States. Justice Ginsburg hasn't been dead for a day and Mitch McConnell is already speaking about who he is going to replace her with. The same man that said four years ago that he wouldn't replace a Supreme Court Justice during an election year. 

We must do everything in our power to not let Donald Trump pick a third Supreme Court Justice. We need to vote. We need to get our friends to vote. We need to get people we know in other states to vote. And we need to make sure that Corey Gardener and Michael Bennet know, we will not confirm a new Supreme Court Justice until after January 20th!

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