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I was proud to join my colleagues and Governor Polis in passing the National Popular Vote into Colorado law in 2019 and look forward to supporting it again as Proposition 113 this fall!

I believe presidential candidates should campaign throughout the country, not just focus on a few competitive “battleground” states in order to win the election.  That’s exactly what happens now.  The candidates ignore most of the country and focus all of their efforts on just a half-dozen states.  This is what the map of the United States looks like to Presidential candidates:

 That’s right – only those six states matter to the candidates right now.  You’ll notice Colorado is not on that map.  We are now presidential flyover country like most other states.  That means the candidates don’t listen to us, don’t poll in our state, and won’t have campaign rallies here.  Coloradans, and most Americans, lose under this system.
One person should always equal one vote, but when presidential candidates are ignoring most of the country, only votes from a few states really matter.
It doesn’t have to be this way.  The National Popular Vote will make the presidential election a true nationwide campaign.  Candidates will have to speak with voters and earn votes from states across the country.  The President and Vice-President are our only nationwide elected officials, and they should be trying to earn the support of people around the country.
I’m supporting Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote and I hope you do too. 
Can you help me spread the word?
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