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May - Aug 2014 | Issue 2

The latest issue of 'Our Philosophy of Giving' focuses on volunteerism, in Singapore and around the region. Volunteering with TCTF means listening to what the needs of the community are and empowering volunteers to participate meaningfully.

An upcoming programme that we are excited about is a finale performance for children by children, called "More Than Words 2014 - Cherish Your Dreams". Almost 1,000 underprivileged children from different charities, as well as volunteers and trainers participated this year. The September 11 performance will showcase what the children learnt through exposure to speech and drama, music and dance, and creative writing workshops - enrichment courses that are beyond the reach of their families' means. Fully funded by TCTF, the 'More Than Words' programme culminated in more than 140 training hours. A collection of stories and illustrations contributed by the children will also be launched at this charity performance. Entitled "Singapore 2114: My Dream, Our Future", this book is a gift to our participants to encourage them to keep their dreams alive, come what may.

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Saving Mothers, Saving Lives

A significant part of the Khmer midwives' training included role-playing possible complications in deliveries. The Cambodian trainees, assisted by doctors and nurses from Singapore, practised medical procedures that would ensure the best possible care for mother and child.

The infant mortality rate in Kampong Chhnang Province, Phnom Penh, is 15 times higher than in Singapore. This distressing figure is coupled with the lack of proper training and medical equipment for safe deliveries. Volunteers from KK Women's and Children's Hospital and Social Capital Venture Development linked hands to train Khmer midwives from 39 health centres and three hospitals in Cambodia. These trained medical workers will then transfer this knowledge to their peers through the empowering "Train-the-Trainers" programme. TCTF funded the medical kits and simulation devices, which were gifted to the Khmers. Read about this collaboration in The Straits Times here.

Photo Essay by The Straits Times photojournalist Caroline Chia

"I was glad to have played a part in sharing the story of the Khmer midwives", said Ms Caroline Chia, a photojournalist with The Straits Times. "Do keep me updated of such TCTF projects in future!"

Ms Chia was a guest of TCTF on our recent trip to Kampong Chhnang Province, where a "Train-the-Trainers" programme to share medical knowledge on maternal health was underway. Through the lens of her camera, Ms Chia captured highlights from the programme, and zoomed in on the camaraderie that blossomed over the course. She recounted her week-long training experience with a photo essay:

"One of the things that stood out for me is how quickly the programme is becoming sustainable. The pioneer batch of midwives from last year's workshop was already able to teach other midwives what they have learned with minimal guidance from the Singapore medical team. Their ability to retain this knowledge is due to their commitment to their profession and the way in which they were trained by the KKH staff.

The trip was a good reminder of what we often take for granted back home in Singapore. I made a quick visit to the Kampong Chhnang Provincial Hospital and saw the facilities they had. It was a far cry from what we have in our local hospitals. Yet, the Cambodian midwives choose to make do with what they have, rather than focus on what they lack. This spirit is definitely what we can all learn to emulate."

Story in pictures: View Ms Chia's snapshots.

Values-in-Action: Volunteers with Heart

Project Cheer volunteers from Anglo-Chinese Junior College during a briefing session at Canossaville Children's Home, which cares for children from less privileged backgrounds. The students befriended the children and even organised a mass dance during the session!

Much has been done to attract volunteers to causes. Retaining them is the next step. 150 Anglo-Chinese Junior College students stepped up to bring TCTF's Project Cheer to over 300 beneficiaries. The student-volunteers were encouraged to understand more deeply the needs of the community through student-led initiatives under our befriending programme, Project Cheer. 

The students shared that they were exposed to sectors that were previously unknown to them. Cheryl Chong, Student Leader of a Project Cheer group said, "Bringing people of extreme ages together through activities we planned was one of the most meaningful aspects of Project Cheer. Seeing how the children and elderly appreciated our time with them made this project something close to my heart."

Through the experience of designing their own Project Cheer sessions, the youths are now brimming with fresh ideas on how to continue giving back. Click here to listen to a live radio interview on 938Live by TCTF and our young ACJC volunteers.

Awards & Accolades

Photo courtesy of Singapore Tatler.

TCTF was presented with the Singapore Tatler Community Service Award for Family Philanthropy. On 7 August 2014, Ms Chew Gek Hiang, Council Member of TCTF, received this award at the Community Service Luncheon jointly held by Coutts & Co. and Singapore Tatler.

Ms Chew shared about the importance of strategic giving and the impact of our work. Drawing inspiration from her grandfather, Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan, Ms Chew spoke about how the foundation's present-day leadership believes in "social investing", channeling its support to achievable, measurable and sustainable causes.


Tête-à-Tête @TCTF Series:

We hosted our scholars at the TCT Mansion to share the legacy of Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan. For our scholars, this was an opportunity to network with one another. Click here to tour the Mansion with our scholars from the Anglo-Chinese Schools, Methodist Girls' School and Hwa Chong Institution.

Guest speakers, NUS Professor Leo Tan and Mr Mervyn Sek, ACJC Head of Department (Project Work & Values in Action), shared their views on cultivating leadership that inspires and impacts the community. 

Volunteerism can define student life. Reflecting on the TCTF - ACJC collaboration on Project Cheer, which linked 150 student-volunteers from ACJC with over 350 children and elderly beneficiaries from six TCTF-supported charities, Mr Sek said, "TCTF has taken our ACJC students on a journey of discovery - of their potential as change-makers and the impact they can make on the community." 

Experience Project Cheer in pictures.

Charity Spotlight

The Caregivers Alliance Ltd (CAL) provides support for care providers of people with mental illnesses. With funding from TCTF and other donors, CAL's outreach efforts to caregivers have grown. 

The organisation has recently unveiled the Caregivers Support Centre at the Institute of Mental Health. Rita, a CAL caregiver shared, "CAL helped me cope with my son's illness. I want to spread important information that will make a huge difference to every caregiver and their loved ones with mental illness." 

Click here to read how the CAL team reaches out to distressed caregivers.

Serving with a Smile
What goes on behind the scenes of TCTF's signature programmes? Plenty of hard work and planning, but also a healthy dollop of passion for improving the conditions of the needy. Click here to see who our volunteers are.
Upcoming Event

"More Than Words 2014 - Cherish Your Dreams" will be held on Thursday, 11 September at the Nanyang Technological University's Nanyang Auditorium. The children's performance will coincide with the launch of a book containing the stories and illustrations from the participants.

To listen to the interview on 938Live about our plans for "More Than Words", click here. Our TCTF Facebook page has more updates!

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