November 24th, 2015
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 24th, 2015
The Tale of Kale is the Kind of
Marketing Our Kids (& Kale) Need

Parents, educators and kids will recognize and love
this timeless story about trying new things.
Toronto, Ontario:  As the owner of Borden Communications, Lisa Borden is used to taking a unique approach to marketing eco-intelligent living and working. As a mother, she is familiar with the often challenging task of feeding and educating kids about healthy food. So, when Lisa read her daughter, Joey’s story, about her youngest son, Andy, learning to love kale, she knew she could turn it into something worth sharing.

Lisa has self-published The Tale of Kale, after developing the story, working with a new graduate with talent and passion, Wengsi Chiu to illustrate, and creating a bold, smile-inducing layout. It’s not often that a child gets to see themselves as a caricature, or have their work turned into a storybook, but Lisa recognized that opportunity, and, as always, was eager to bring the project and tale to life.

“The Tale of Kale is the kind of marketing our kids and kale need,” says Lisa, “Our kids are being sold “food products” with colourful packaging and ads on TV. We need to show them that they should be getting excited about whole, unprocessed, healthy, and delicious ingredients, and always be willing to try new foods.”

Parents will identify with the challenge of feeding their kids healthier choices. Educators will love the lesson of trying new things and having an open mind. Best of all, young readers will celebrate Andy’s stubborn will, mischievous grin, and, maybe even, his love of kale.

Lisa admits that her son Andy is as much a character in real life, as he is in the book.

“He has always been a source of entertainment, and loves to challenge others and as much as he enjoys being challenged,” explains Lisa, “The story of Andy learning to love kale has not been our family’s only lesson from Andy, but it's a great one!"

The Tale of Kale is a universal story. It’s the book every parent needs when trying to get their kids to try a variety of new ingredients and flavours. There’s a certain magic to trying new things and discovering that there are ways to enjoy even the most surprising foods.

Lisa is confident that The Tale of Kale will show kids that the rewards of discovering something they love is worth the trial and error of trying the food on their plates. Everything in life requires practice.

Trying new foods doesn’t need to be daunting. It can be silly, hopeful, expressive, experimental, and laughably challenging – just like Andy.

The Tale of Kale is the kind of marketing our kids and kale need. 
About The Author: Lisa Borden
Lisa Borden loves eating kale – sautéed, steamed, dehydrated, juiced, baked, in smoothies or straight from her own organic urban garden. In addition to writing and self-publishing her first children’s book, The Tale of Kale, Lisa is mom to Andy, Joey, and Ryan, is married to her summer camp sweetheart, and is the proud owner of Borden Communications, a highly passionate, hyper-focused, common-sense business development + marketing firm in Toronto that she started in 1994. As a founding Canadian B Corp, Lisa and her small team specialize in business development and marketing communications for leading and start-up conscious brands, and personalities, and use transparent strategies for greenwash-free brand management and socially responsible messaging with proven success. Learn more about Lisa’s work (and life) via

About The Illustrator: Wengsi Chiu
Wengsi grew up in Toronto and graduated from McGill University with a degree in International Development and Urban Systems Geography. She is particularly interested in food security as well as using creative design to promote sustainability and create social change. Shortly after returning to Toronto, she approached Lisa Borden to explore working together.  Wengsi is somewhat of an accidental illustrator – The Tale of Kale was a fun project, and she embraced new experience and the challenge to bring Andy to life through illustrations. She has especially enjoyed working with the Borden team, as she was able to develop new skills and play a part in telling a wonderful story. Through her illustrations, she hopes to encourage people of all ages to keep a healthy diet and open their minds to trying new things.

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