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Weekly Harvest

March 29th, 30th & 31st

News from 4P FOODS

The Global Good Fund
Pleased to announce 4P Foods founder, Tom McDougall has been chosen as a Global Good Fund 2017 Fellow, which meets next week in DC! The GGF Fellowship is an international program designed to support social entrepreneurs accelerate in their field. Tom was also awarded the Diana Davis Fellowship for his mission of creating job opportunities in the community. This is an amazing opportunity to accelerate 4P Foods mission of creating a just and equitable food system within our community, and none of it would be possible without you.  THANK YOU. For more information about the Global Good Fund and the amazing work they do around the world, visit the GGF websit.

Product Highlights
We’re very excited to bring you some very tasty new-t0-4P Foods products this week. So much so, we are highlighting our top picks (organized by the share bag) below: 

  • Goat ‘Micro’ Dairy Sweet Valley Farms, (Dairy Share). Sweet Valley Farms is a ‘Micro’ Dairy neighbors our headquarters in Elkwood, VA. Owned by a husband and wife duo, Al & Cecilia, the dairy farm raises Registered American Nubians, producers of the creamiest goat milk. Try the top-selling chevre this week. Additionally, each dairy bag will have a free sample of the velvety smooth goat yogurt! We are not kidding when we say it’s good.
  • Boar Sausage with Mushrooms (Protein Share). New this week is Mangalitsa Boar Sausage made with mushrooms, cooked in sherry, rosemary, garlic, white pepper, and ginger. The Mangalitsa Boar has been called the “kobe beef of pork.” This premium breed is raised and humanely pastured at Heritage Hollow Farms, in Sperryville, VA and prepared in MD by Meatcrafters. A flavorful and easy addition to any dish!
  • Together We Bake (Produce Share) This DC company not only serves great food, it serves growing opportunity to women released from prison in a comprehensive workforce and professional development program. Try their Trail Mix, made with house dried apples, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, and crystallized ginger. (Vegan, Gluten Frree).It's a mix of sweet, salty, crunchy, and chewy!

Earth Day-Birthday Party
It’s hard to believe it's been 3 years since the start of 4P Foods. Celebrate our 3rd anniversary and Earth Day 2017at our party on April 20th! Farm-to-table eats by Zenful Bites will be served; drinks will be poured. Mingle with community members, and learn about the future of our food systems in a talk by Tom. Join us from 6-8:30p for an all-around good time! Tickets on Eventbrite.

Did you know you can customize items in your bag?
Read the guide on using the Swap System. Check out the weekly order below. Then Log-in to your account to make any changes.
Thanks for all your support.
-Tom & the 4P Foods Team

Weekly Shares

You can expect some or all (weather pending) of the following this week:

  • Bananas (Certified Organic, Fair Trade) - Beyond The Peel, CEPIBO, Peru
  • FruitCycle Trail Mix - Together We bake, Alexandria, VA
  • Hass Avocados (Certified Organic, Fair Trade) - PRAGOR, Michoacan, Mexico
  • Italian Eggplant (Certified Organic) - C&B Farms, Clewiston, FL
  • Jerusalem Artichokes (Certified Organic) - Windy Knolls Farm, Doylesburg, PA
  • Orange Carrots (Certified Organic) - Pfennings Organics, Reidsville, GA
  • Rainbow Chard (Certified Organic) - Lady Moon Farm, Bainbridge, GA
  • Russet Potatoes (Certified Organic) - Samuel K Stotzfus, Clinton, PA
  • Strawberries (Certified Organic) - Miles Berry Farm, Baxley, GA
Featured (Swap) Options:
  • Bunched Leeks - Van Dessel Farm, Accomack, VA
  • Pink Lady Apples - Crown Orchard, Charlottesville, VA
  • Romaine Lettuce (Certified Organic) - Lady Moon Farm, Bainbridge, GA
  Protein   + Eggs (1/2 Dozen or Dozen available with Protein or Dairy Share Only), Whiffletree Farm,  Warrenton, VA.

  • Half Gallon Whole Milk - Trickling Springs Creamery, Chambersburg, PA
    • 2% & Nonfat Options Available
  • Chives & Garlic Chevre - Sweet Valley Farm Dairy, Elkwood, VA
  • Cloud Nine, Bloomy Rind Goat Cheese - Yellow Springs Farm, Chester Springs, PA
  • Monterey Jack Cheese - Kings Kreamery, Lancaster, PA
  • Organic Sour Cream - Natural By Nature, Newark, DE
  • Whole Goat Milk - Trickling Springs Creamery, Chambersburg, PA
  • Whole Milk Greek Yogurt - Maple Hill Creamery, Stuyvesant, NY
    • Plain, Whole Milk Option Available
 + Eggs (1/2 Dozen or Dozen available with Protein or Dairy Share Only), Whiffletree Farm.Warrenton, VA.



Banana "Bread" Overnight Oats

Swiss Chard & Sausage Fritatta

Soups, Salads, and Apps

Jerusalem Artichoke, Potato, Garlic Soup

Roasted Greek Eggplant Dip

Crispy Sunchoke Chips w/ Lemon-Rosemary Salt

Swiss Chard, Strawberry & Feta Salad


Penne w/ Roasted Eggplant & Goat Cheese

Roasted Chicken w/ Jerusalem Artichoke + Lemons

One Pan Salmon w/ Roasted Carrots & Potatoes 

Beef Tacos w/ homemade Guacamole


Strawberry-Banana Frozen (Goat) Yogurt

Sweet Potato Carrot Bread

* More recipes on our
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Keep the plastic "Green Bags" that come in your share each week!
Bags are designed to keep your produce fresh, and may be rinsed and reused.
If  you don't want to hold on to these bags, please toss them into your 4p Foods tote and we'll take care of recycling them for you.
  • Bananas: Keep at room temperature on the counter for 3-4 days. Under-ripe bunches are stored the same - do not put in direct sunlight. For 1-2 weeks keep, place in crisper drawer of fridge (the peels will brown but the fruit is entact); Store in freeze for 1-2 months when chopped or mashed in sealed container.
  • Carrots: Store in “Green Bag” in refridgerator for up to a month. Wash only before use to keep fresh.
  • Eggplant: Store in cool, dry place in kitchen for 1-2 days. Store in closed “Green Bag” in crisper of your fridge to keep for 7 days. Avoid storage near apples and potatoes which release ethylene.
  • Jerusalem Artichoke (or sunchoke): store in a plastic “Green Bag” in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
  • Garlic: Keep in dark, well-ventilated place. Best when kept at room temperature. May also prepare as a ready-to-use garlic paste and store in fridge for 3 weeks.
  • Potatoes: Keep in cool, dark, well-ventilated space like a basket in the kitchen cupboard. Wash only before use. May keep for up to 2 months at 35-40°F.  (Note: The fridge is generally too cold for the potatoes and will give a sweet taste and discolor when cooked).
  • Strawberries: Wash immediately in bath of 1:3 parts water and white vinegar; Line storage container with damp towel and store in fridge for 3-4 days.
  • Swiss Chard: Store in a sealed “Green Bag” in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. Best when soaked in a bowl of warm water for 30min prior to cooking. 
*Tip: Most of the information on the history and proper storage of your vegetables comes from The Produce Bible by Leanne Kitchen.


Email or call if you should need help with your membership!

Don't forget the order cutoff times! Cutoff days to skip a bag are listed below: SUN. at midnight for WED. deliveries, MON. at midnight for THURS. deliveries, TUES. at midnight for FRI. deliveries.  If you have scheduled upcoming skips and change your membership at all, you will need to reschedule those since it is a new subscription that gets created. 

If you have a Produce Share AND a Protein/Dairy Share and need to skip a given week, be sure to skip BOTH shares.  Otherwise, the system is designed so you can skip one or the other in a given week.
If you ever get a bruised apple or "sad" greens or anything along those lines - TELL US! It happens in the world of produce, and we need that kind of feedback to tell our farmers if something is wrong, and give you a discount/credit if needed. That's what we're here for!
Wanting to learn a little more about the best ways to prepare your Grassfed meat each week? Jesse from Wiffletree Farm suggests these two cookbooks for those learning their way around: The Grassfed Gourmet and Long Way on a Little: An Earth Lover's Companion for Enjoying Meat, Pinching Pennies and Living Deliciously
Peas and love,

The 4P Foods Team
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