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4P Foods Weekly Harvest

What to expect in your bag...

As the last official weekend of summer is in full swing, take advantage of those warm, long summer nights. Fire up the grill, eat peaches so ripe that the juices drip down your chin, and take a last dip in your favorite lake or sink your feet in the sand. The warm weather isn't officially over just yet, but now the best of fall and summer produce awaits you. Get excited for the first apples and pears, and some of the last zucchini and tomatoes. Happy holiday!
This week in your bag you'll find celeriac, one of our favorite root vegetables. Celeriac is a pale-yellow, dense, knobby (some say even ugly) root; it's roughly the size and shape of a grapefruit. Like most root vegetables, celeriac is excellent in stews and soups, and makes a perfect a gratin — with or without the addition of potato. It also makes an amazingly silky purée. Left raw, it can be grated into salads, as is the case in its most well-known dish, céléri remoulade. You can use the stalks and leaves attached to flavor soups and stews, and the tender leaves go great in salad. 

To peel, simply lop off the top and bottom so that it sits flat on your cutting board and work your knife down the sides to remove the knobs and roots. Occasionally you may have to take out a few rougher spots with a sturdy peeler. Use the flesh right away or put it in acidulated water to prevent discoloration.

Feel like your kale wilts in a day? Zucchini getting soft? Check out our handy storage guide to keep your fruits and veggies crisp and delicious. Here are some recommendations for this week's produce:
  • As soon as you get home with your Kale fill a bowl with cool water and submerge the kale in the water. Allow to sit for several minutes, swish, let sit and then remove. Wrap kale in a damp paper towel and store in a sealed storage bag for up to 5 days.

  • Pears and Apples slowly continue ripening after picking, so they are best stored in your “Green Bag” for up to a week in the crisper in your refrigerator. Be sure you don’t store apples freely in the crisper with other items. The gases released by the apples will cause your other items to go bad sooner.

  • Onions (like Shallots) and Potatoes do best left out in a cupboard or pantry that's dark and dry. 

  • Store zucchini in a plastic “Green Bag” in the refrigerator crisper drawer for 4-5 days. Avoid washing or cutting until just before use.

  • Green Beans are best stored in a ventilated plastic bag in the crisper section of the refrigerator. Avoid washing until use and they should keep for about seven days.
  • Red Bell Peppers  will typically last 1-2 weeks in the crisper section of your fridge. Avoid cutting until ready to be used, once cut, the peppers are very susceptible to spoilage. For even longer term storage (up to 10 months) you can freeze peppers. If frozen, the pepper will keep its flavor, however lose it’s crispness.
  • Tomatoes should be stored at a cool room temperature. Do not make the mistake of storing them in the refrigerator— that completely diminishes the flavor! If possible, eat tomatoes within a few days of receiving. They will taste much fresher and won’t get the chance to spoil!

Want to customize your bag?  Add more goat meat to your protein share? Extra carrots in your produce share? Annabel put together this handy dandy guide on how to use the system and create the bag of your dreams. Check it out here!

Thanks for all your support.
-Tom & the 4P Foods Team

You can expect some or all (weather pending) of the following this week:

Produce Share 
  • Bartlett Pears(IPM) - Kauffman's Fruit Farm, Bird In Hand, PA
  • Black Tuscan Kale - Miller Farms, Clinton, MD
  • Celeriac(Certified Organic) - Pin Oak Farm, East Earl, PA
  • Fancy Green Zucchini(Certified Organic) - Sunny Slope Organics, Kirkwood, PA 
  • Green Beans(Certified Organic) - Healthy Harvest, Bellefonte, PA
  • Red Bell Peppers(Certified Organic) - Twin Pines Organics, Quarryville, PA
  • Red Hanover Tomatoes - Sunnyside Farms, Cumberland, VA
  • Sweet Onions(Certified Organic) - Liberty Branch Farm, Nottingham, PA
  • Zestar Apples(IPM) - Kauffman's Fruit Farm, Bird In Hand, PA
Additional Produce Options available to "swap in" to your bag if you'd like:
  • Yellow Nectarines - Crown Orchard, Batesville, VA
  • White Peaches - Chiles family Orchard, Crozet, VA
Protein Share
  • Pastured Bison Burger Patties - Cibola Farm, Culpeper, VA
  • Ground Turkey(Certified Organic & Humane) - Ayrshire Farm, Upperville, VA
  • Pastured Chicken Wings(Certified Organic & Humane) - Ayrshire Farm, Upperville, VA
  • Pastured Pork Sage Sausage - Sunrise Farm, Stuarts Draft, VA
  • Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon - Bristol Bay, AK through Whiffletree Farm, Warrenton, VA
+Eggs (Half Dozen or Dozen available with Protein or Dairy Share Only) from Whiffletree Farm.

Dairy Share
  • Half Gallon Whole Milk - Trickling Springs Creamery, Chambersburg, PA
    • 2% & Nonfat Options Available
  • Handmade Cheese Clouds - Mainstreet Farmstead, Stuarts Draft, VA
  • Farmstead Garlic Herb Chevre(Goat) - Apple Tree Goat Dairy, Richfield, PA
  • Heavy Cream(Cow) - Trickling Springs Creamery, Chambersburg, PA
  • Organic Smoked Gouda(Cow) - Green Acres Organic Farm, Ronks, PA
  • Paquea Valley Yogurts - King Family Farm, Ronks, PA
  • Sweetened, Drinkable Yogurts - Mainstreet Farmstead, Stuarts Draft, PA
 +Eggs (Half Dozen or Dozen available with Protein or Dairy Share Only) from Whiffletree Farm.


For instructions on proper storage of your weekly items please see our Storage Tips Blog Post. This post will be regularly updated with new items that come in your bag. You can search items by alphabetic order.

Don't forget to keep the plastic "Green Bags" that come in your share each week. They are specially made to keep your produce fresh for as long as possible. They can be rinsed and reused so be sure that you don't accidentally throw them in the trash. If your kitchen drawers get too crowded, just throw them back in your 4P Foods tote bag and we will take care of recycling them for you.



Kale Pear Green Smoothie

Zucchini and Tomato Frittata

Apple-Pear Oatmeal Smoothie (aka the "apple pie" smoothie)

Soups, Salads, and Apps: 

Sweet Pepper & Onion Relish

Warm Kale Salad with Goat Cheese, Pine Nuts and Sweet Onion Balsamic Dressing

Celery Root Rémoulade

Zucchini Fritters (Annabel’s Favorite!)

Garlic and Herb Celeriac Fries

Green Beans with Almond Pesto

Celery Root and Apple Salad


Kefta ( turkey meatballs) and Zucchini Kebabs

Celeriac and lentils with hazelnuts and mint

10 Ways to Enjoy Green Beans (Other Than in a Casserole!)

Sausage, Pepper, and Onion Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Zucchini and Kale Lasagna

Garlic Parmesan Zucchini and Tomato Bake

Roasted Celery Root with Walnuts and Thyme

Crispy Baked Chicken Wings

Crispy Coconut Kale with Roasted Salmon and Coconut Rice


Apple Pear Crisp

Zucchini Bread

             Be sure to check out our PINTEREST PAGE for all of these recipes and more…whenever you want them! Don't have Pinterest? Email us and we'll give you access to our guest account.

*Most of the information on the history and proper storage of your vegetables comes from The Produce Bible by Leanne Kitchen

A Note from 4P Foods:

Don't forget!!  Cutoff times to skip a bag: Sunday at midnight for Wednesday deliveries, Monday at midnight for Thursday deliveries, and Tuesday at midnight for Friday deliveries.  If you have scheduled upcoming skips and change your membership at all, you will need to reschedule those since it is a new subscription that gets created.  Email or call if you need help.

If you have a produce share AND a protein/dairy share and need to skip a given week, be sure to skip ALL of them when logged into your account page.  Otherwise, the system is designed so you can skip one or the other in a given week.
If you ever get a bruised apple or "sad" greens or anything along those lines - TELL US! It happens in the world of produce, and we need that kind of feedback to tell our farmers if something is wrong, and get you a discount/credit if needed.  That's what we're here for!
Wanting to learn a little more about the best ways to prepare your Grassfed meat each week? Jesse from Wiffletree Farm suggests these two cookbooks for those learning their way around: The Grassfed Gourmet and Long Way on a Little: An Earth Lover's Companion for Enjoying Meat, Pinching Pennies and Living Deliciously.
Peas and love,

The 4P Foods Team
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