This is a personal letter from the Harringtons.
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Hello Friends and Family of LeaderBuild!

We wanted to give you a quick update on what has been going on with our lives this summer. We cannot believe how fast the summer has gotten away from us. This will be a very brief update on our ministry because this summer was a bit low on ministry activities!

Finished Training Material

This summer allowed us to catch up with our training material, which we call "Built By Design." One of our core beliefs is that every church, no matter what size, is called by God at every stage of development to change lives in their own way, and every member has the ability to help create and maintain a healthy church. The Church was designed to serve a purpose, and each individual church serves a different part of that purpose – some are hands, some are feet, but all are equally important if we want to get somewhere. We believe a lot of Churches struggle because they have not discovered their unique purpose and gained an understanding of how to apply it to their church. This training course will help guide churches through the journey of discovering the purpose that God has for their church, and give them the tools to start implementing new strategies that better serve that purpose. We are very excited to get the booklets from the printer next week!

Summer 2017 Mission Trip

We just made the decision to go back to Ireland next summer (2017) for two months (June and July) to help our church planting partners with their summer ministries. We don't have all the details regarding what we will be doing for those two months, but more details will be available as we get closer to leaving for the trip. We know we will be doing "Built By Design" Training and developing local LeaderBuild Coaches to continue teaching our material.

Well, we told you that this would be a quick update on our ministry! Stay tuned to our next newsletter when we announce a new staff member joining the team. 

Thank you!

Helping The Church Become Smart And Healthy,
Ben and Aimee Harrington

Don't Forget to Pray For Us!

Please help us by praying for our needs:
  • We closed on our house without a hitch! Thank you for praying for us. Pray now for us to get back on track paying off debt from the house.
  • Still working on the office space. We are working with a person who owns a building that we might be able to use for our ministry, but the process has been slow. Pray that we will be able to come up with an acceptable agreement for all involved. 
  • Pray for our church planters: Please pray for Jess and Rebecca and their efforts in reaching the Galway City area. They have been back in the states to visit family and do some more fundraising.

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