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Spring is finally here!!  We hope you have a lot of fun things to look forward to as the weather takes a turn for the better.

Legal Matters
Is buying or selling a home one of those things you are looking forward to?  If so, first let us congratulate you on this new adventure.  We have some simple items to remember during the process to ensure all goes smoothly:

STAR Exemptions:  Don't forget to apply for the STAR Exemption to help save money on your school tax bill.  You must apply on or before March 1st.  There are two kinds of STAR Exemptions:

Basic STAR
*Available for owner-occupied, primary residences where the residence owners' and their spouses income is less than $500,000.
*Exempts the first $30,000 of the full value of a home from school taxes

Enhanced STAR
*Provides an increased benefit for the primary residences of senior citizens (age 65 & older) with qualifying incomes
*Exempts the first $64,200 of the full value of a home from school taxes as of 2014-15 school tax year bills (up from $63,300 in 2013-14)


Change of Address:  Make sure you obtain a change of address form from the post office, seems like a small detail but very important and easy to forget!

Also make sure and change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  New York State law requires you to report a change of residence to the DMV within 10 days.  Failure to do so could result in a ticket under Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) section 509(8).  In addition, when you are pulled over for a routine traffic matter, the officer will write the address on your license onto your ticket, which is where the court will mail notices of court appearances, correspondence and notification of any fines owed.  If you have not updated your address on your license, you may not receive these notices which would result in a scofflaw and a warrant being issued.

We are now offering real estate packets when you close with our office that includes these types of document to help make our client's lives a little easier :)             


Whitcomb Law Firm in the News!  David was interviewed in front of the Whitcomb Law Firm office by Channel 13 News in early April.  David is an At-Large Representative on the Canandaigua City Council and serves as the Chairman of both the Ordinance and Planned Unit Development (PUD) committees. 



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