Oman Entrepreneurs Network: "Jam" Sessions
BizHub, Muscat, Oman
Human Resource Management for Startups
#Hot_Topic Session
6 pm - 8 pm
Oman Entrepreneurs Network: "Jam" Session
BizHub, Muscat, Oman

 Will start with a short introductory presentation on HR fundamentals & HR tools for Startups by Nabhan AlKharusi (Career Coach,Workplace Performance and Learning Professional & Entrepreneur
Are you the HR specialist in your company? (As well as the financial analyst, sales representative, strategic planner, chief cook and office attendant?) Most startups don't employ an HR professional, but every company needs to know the basics of HR. Whether the task is attracting the right people, managing employee performance, or taking the right steps when hiring - or firing- an employee, this session will help.

Suitable for small business owners and managers, this entrepreneurs "Jam Session" will address some of the most basic HR challenges by providing advice and resources related to the full HR cycle.
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