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Saturday, April 17, 12 - 4 PM EST | Recharge your creativity and refresh your spirits with creative Christians from across the country!

Join us for a great day of inspiration, learning, fellowship and fun! FCP Online will feature workshops and presentations from leaders in creative ministry and puppetry that you won't want to miss.

We're confirming speakers as we speak and we have two we'd like to introduce you to:

Branden Treu is from Denver, Colorado and is currently serving as a missionary in Cork, Ireland with his wife and 2 boys. He's always had a passion for children’s ministry, to tell kids about God’s great love and that He has big plans for them.

Branden previously also worked at One Way Street/Creative Ministry Solutions, where he developed new products, developed scripts, and recorded character voices for programs.

Brett Belleque is the National Director of Children’s Ministry Resources for InFaith and is currently based in Oregon. His responsibilities include encouraging, educating, and equipping those in the mission throughout the country who work directly with children.

Brett is skilled in many creative ministry areas, including magic, ballooning, puppetry, scriptwriting and more!

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He Has Called Us His

Vonnie Pratt, Country Lovin' Ministries

When working at a middle school, I could usually identify the social status of students. Those in certain gatherings appeared confident, happy, laughing with their friends as they headed to class. And then there were those who walked alone. 

As I looked into the eyes of these students, I would often see pain, loneliness, hurt. They wanted to be somebody, but nobody would give them a chance. I prayed for these students, and asked the Lord to love them through me. 

Since this was a public school, I dared not mention Jesus to any student. However, the Lord gave me the idea that, as I passed by these students, I should call them by name.

With 600+ students, it was a challenge. As students walked past me, I looked them in the eye and said, “Hi (name)”. 

As is common with an pre-teens, they would often not acknowledge me. I began to get used to being ignored by them. My heart ached as I watched those who walked with their head down, alone. I continued to greet each student, no matter their status, each day by name.

As the years rolled by, I began to notice that those who would not acknowledge my greeting, began to change. If I forgot to greet them as I passed by, they would look at me, waiting to hear me call out their name. To be called by name shows significance.

The day came when it was time for me to leave this position. It was time for a new journey. On my last day of work, a beautiful small box was presented to me by the staff. Inside were post-it notes, written by many students, stating sweet “Thank you’s”. My heart was warmed and I smiled as I recalled each student’s face. A few of these notes, however, brought a lump to my throat as through teary eyes I read, “She knew my name.

To call someone by name gives that individual worth.  It shows significance. It shows that they have an identity. But more than that, it shows that I have a relationship with them.

There are days that I feel like a middle schooler.

With my head down, the enemy of my soul reminds me of my smallness and my inabilities. But, as Jesus walks down the corridors of my day, He shows me that I have worth. I have significance. I have identity, and most importantly, I have a relationship with Him. He reminds me that I am His. How do I know this? Because He said so:

“I have called you by name; you are Mine!” Isaiah 43:1

Creative Ministry in a Virtual World

Did you miss our Live Workshop with Edna Bland? Never fear, the recording is here! Join us we learn more about how God led Edna from a career in the entertainment industry to a career in teaching performing arts and what it takes to lead creative ministry in a virtual world. 

Use password ephesians210 to access the portal (please do not share this password publicly).

Watch the Recording
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