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No Coincidences with God's Plans
Ruth Deike, Moonlight Ministries
This was our first year at FCP National and something so amazing happened that we want to share.
Our puppet ministry, Moonlight Ministries (reflecting the light of the Son) decided to send a large box of puppets, books and DVDs to a church in the Philippines since one of our team leaders, Victoria (with the pink puppet) was from that church before coming to the US.
We sent the box a few months ago. The box was received and photos were exchanged but there was no way of assisting after that. Books and DVDs are nice but there is nothing like hands-on... Meanwhile FCP was in the process of giving a scholarship to Jessica Laderas, a dental missionary from the Philippines (with the old man puppet).

Long story short, she came to FCP National Conference with Jack and Sharon Tucker, a missionary couple to the Philippines, who are not far from the church we sent puppets to and will now be going back to the church to help train them.
The missionaries decided to also visit Niagara Falls while in the US. We are located near the Falls so we were so excited to have them visit our very small church... God is sooo faithful! This was also Jessica's first year at FCP and they won't be able to do this again for a few years....
There are no coincidences with God's plans. What an amazing God we serve!
Robin Daymude
Robin Daymude is from Maryland and, through HOPE Creative Ministries, shares the Gospel at churches, nursing homes, and beyond. Her team travels to I-Fest each summer but this was her first time attending a national conference AND joining her team for one. 
"I am so happy and blessed that I was able to attend FCP National this year. I can’t thank the scholarship committee enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

I came away with so much to help spread the word of our awesome God.

The instructors were great! They helped me come out of my comfort zone even more. When I started in HOPE Creative Ministries, I was a propateer. Being behind the curtain was my comfort zone. When we started doing action songs and other things in front of the curtain, my fear started.

The instructors helped me to realize if you just focus on what you are doing…you don’t see the audience. With that being said, I realize you can’t be uptight and worried about doing it perfect. You have fun with it and do it for the Glory of God! That’s really what it is all about!

Before the conference I was beginning to question myself as to whether or not I should stay in creative ministry, due to my limitations. However the conference gave me a fresh and encouraging outlook and now I’m more than excited to continue.

FCP President Kristofer Sommerfeld said, 'we are one big family', and I am proud to be a part of that family! I can’t wait for next year."

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