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Here is a link to the water agency website clarifying its project will NOT include removal of the pedestrian bridge.
Monday, April 3
3:00 p.m.
 Berger Center
Last chance to submit your OVA ballot.

Tuesday, April 4 – Upper West Rec Center
9:00 a.m. – vote counting residents may watch in silence
1:00 p.m. – organizational meeting – election of new board officers





Click here to view the OVA Board Meeting. 
 Rick Warfel
Founded in 1963, the 1,400-acre Oakmont active-adult community features 36 holes of golf, about 3,200 homes, and has a population of about 4,700.  For any master-planned golf course community, a key measure of golf participation is the average propensity for households to join the golf club.  At Oakmont, it is 10.3 percent assuming 330 golf memberships and 3,200 homes. 
Although only one in ten homes at Oakmont includes a golfer, it is important to note that the golf courses provide significant economic benefits to all property owners and residents in the community through: (1) managed drainage and flood control, (2) enhanced image and branding, (3) golf view premiums, and serving as a (4) recreational amenity and (5) social center for the community.
Flood Control: When planning a golf community, it is important to identify water drainage patterns and areas prone to flooding, then, to the extent possible, route the golf course through these areas.  The theory is that it is better for portions of the course to flood than adjacent homes. When Mr. Berger developed Oakmont, he faced the particular challenge that creeks, lakes and ponds on the south side of the property drained toward San Pablo Bay while water features on the north side drained the opposite way towards the Russian River. With over 50 inches of rain so far since October 1, it is obvious that the Oakmont golf courses benefit all community residents by effectively managing drainage and flood control throughout the community.
Image and Branding:  The golf courses at Oakmont are key amenities that create an active, upscale image for the community and attract new buyers.  Property values are trending up.
Golf View Premiums: By creating scenic open space views and serving as a natural corridor for wildlife, a well-maintained golf course creates significant golf view premiums for homes located along its fairways.  For example, for an updated Juniper model of about 1,800 square feet, the premium for being on the golf course is currently about $100,000 compared to a similar model not on the course.
Recreational Amenity: The Oakmont golf courses attracted about 61,000 rounds of play last year with the majority of play generated from the general public.  The club also hosts large golf charity and other events and sponsors several junior golf programs.  
Social Center for the Community:  The Quail Inn is a very popular venue for weddings and special events and the golf course, restaurant and banquet rooms serve as a major social center for Oakmont residents, plus the outside community-at-large.
In Conclusion: it is clear that the golf courses create significant economic benefits for all property owners and residents within Oakmont.  Therefore, even if you are not a golfer, you might consider donating to the golf course Capital Improvement Fund since the facility serves such a valuable role in the community.  There is a wooden donation box situated on the front desk of the West Course pro shop.
Oakmont Car Show
Call for Entrants
The 15th annual Oakmont Car Show will be held Saturday, May 27 on Memorial Day weekend.   Oakmonters are allowed to enter any car they are proud of.  Please contact Bob Stinson at providing your full name, address and phone number along with the year, make and model of your car.  Outside entrants must have a vehicle “born” before 1975.  All participants must be pre-registered. The cost is $5, payable when you arrive.  Participants will receive a personalized placard that must be displayed on the car’s front window.  We will “stage” between 9:00–9:45 a.m.  For insurance reasons, we ask that all participants remain until 1:00 p.m.  We expect to sell out of spaces, so please register as soon as possible.
 Goodbye to the Oakmont Dance Club
Ballroom dancing has gone the way of the manual typewriter, so the club had its farewell party on St. Patrick’s Day, entertained by the Oakmont Line Dancers.
Back row, L to R: Cindy Murray, Linda Leedham, Kathy Byrne, Marilyn Pahr, Heidi Klyn,  Leyla Gunduz Carreon
Front Row, L to R: Joan Rumrill, Tina Daley, Connie Pearson, Lorene Ritter, Anne Marie Siu Yuan

Click here to view the video of their dance at the St. Patrick's Day dinner! 

The Optimal Life: Empowering Health, Healing and Longevity
Sunday, March 26 – 10:30 a.m. – East Rec Center – Sunday Symposium
This will be a thought-provoking, entertaining and educational presentation by Stephen C. Bizal, D.C., based upon his book of the same name. It reveals critical core concepts underlying health and healing, most of which have never been included in our formal education and understanding of how to create optimal health, healthy relationships and a life of fulfillment.  The Optimal Life was written in response to a huge gap that exists in the general understanding of how to create health and a sense of well-being in all areas of your life ... mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.  Essentially a personal empowerment program, it was created to help you “connect-the-dots” in your own life – practical information based upon a philosophy of living that is in alignment with nature’s wisdom and the universal principles that govern our experience of life as well as health. This is your “owner’s manual” for not only taking care of your body, but also creating a richer experience of life. 
Sunday, March 26 – 2:00 p.m. – Berger Center
In response to many requests, Movies At Oakmont will screen the second episode of this acclaimed PBS American Experience series documentary covering the Reconstruction years of 1868 to 1877. The film tracks the effects of the 14th Amendment: blacks vote for the first time, run for political office and govern. Share cropping, carpet baggers and the KKK appear. The responses of President Grant, Congress and the North to the unrest in
the South are chronicled, as well as the end of Reconstruction. (2004), NR, 90 minutes.
Sunday, March 26 – 7:00 p.m. – Berger Center
Recounting a landmark chapter in the struggle for civil rights, this absorbing drama depicts the 1958 arrest and imprisonment of Richard and Mildred Loving for violating Virginia’s law against interracial marriage.  This beautiful and affecting film celebrates love and the lengths some go to fight for it. Two outstanding performances by the leads: Oscar and Golden Globe Best Actress nominations for Ruth Negga and Golden Globe Best Actor nomination for Joel Edgeerton. (2016), PG-13, 123 minutes.
Tennis Club to Host Wine and Food Pairing for ALL Oakmonters
Saturday, April 8 – 5:30 p.m. – Berger Center
The Oakmont Tennis Club invites all residents to an evening of four wine and food pairings as well as wine education and, perhaps, a little silly fun. If you’ve never attended a pairing, it involves a couple ounces of wine paired with a couple bites of food that enhance each other.  $20 for Tennis Club members; $25 for non-members.
Deposit sign-up form and check in the OVA office Tennis Club folder by 4:00, March 31. To reserve an entire table for 8, include names and fees for all.
# OTC members @$20/ea: _______
# non-members @$25/ea: ______
Total enclosed: $_____________
Phone number: ___________________________
# gluten-free desserts, if applicable: _______________
Santa Rosa Newcomers April Fashion Show & Luncheon
“An Easter Parade” is the theme of The April 11th Newcomer’s meeting featuring a fashion show by “The Barbara Friday Collection” with the colorful spring trends modeled by Newcomers’ members. 
It’s at the Quail Inn from 11:30 – 2 and guests are welcome.  Mail your $25 check to S R Newcomers, P O Box 3978, S R 95402 BEFORE April 4th.  Please include your phone # and specify your choice of:  chicken picatta, vegetable wellington, or large chef salad.  Amy Smith of Flying Color Studios is providing hats for the models and in keeping with the theme, you are invited to wear an Easter bonnet.  The fashions and the hats will be available for sale after the show.
Charley: This is where you come in…
I know, you’re looking at my picture thinking “what’s a handsome devil like that doing at the shelter?” I had to ask myself that too when I first arrived, but it’s actually rather nice. I get a comfy warm bed and two squares, plus lots of gentle walks and friendship - everything a big lounge lizard/shepherd mix like me could want. Well, almost everything. At just four years old, I’ve missed out on having a stable home with a reliable someone who’ll love and look after me for the long haul… is this where you come in? The good people at SHS have been doing a great job until you can get here. They’re helping me trim down a bit so I’ll be able to have a long, comfortable life and enjoy those walks even more. They’re also helping me with some eye issues that need attending to. But nothing can take the place of consistent love and the comforts of home. I’ll do well with older teens and a predictable routine, where I can be the only dog (nothing comes between me and my noms!). Looking for a gentle giant like me? This is where you come in… (or call!) Sonoma Humane Society (707) 542-0882 to meet me.
Stork Love

A stork has flown to the same rooftop in Croatia each year for 14 years to be reunited with his crippled partner who cannot migrate after she was shot by a hunter.
The faithful bird, called Klepetan, returns to the village of Slavonski Brod, in east Croatia, after a migration of 8,000 km.
He spends his winters alone in South Africa because his disabled partner, Malena, cannot fly properly.
Klepetan keeps a very strict timetable, usually arriving back
at the same time on the same day in March each year.
Malena had been found lying by the side the road by schoolteacher, Stjepan Vokic, who fixed her wing and kept her in his home for years before helping her to build a nest on his roof. After placing her there, she was spotted by Klepetan.  And now, every year, they are reunited in the Spring.

 Each summer, they raise a pair of chicks, with Klepetan giving the flying lessons in preparation for the trip south in Summer.
After leading the adult chicks south, Klepetan spends his winters alone in South Africa. But this year he did not return at the usual time, causing panic among local media and fans of the stork couple. Finally, there was huge excitement when stork-watchers saw what they thought was Klepetan
circling over the nest and then come in to land.
But the new arrival turned out to be a different stork that was attempting to woo Malena. She quickly attacked him and drove him off and continued to wait for Klepetan.
Heart-warming‼️ Klepetan finally returned, once again, six days late.
This year, Malena made a rare flight and the couple were reportedly inseparable for hours. She does have the ability to make very short flights but her wing has not healed well enough for her to make the trip to Africa, or even to properly feed herself.


 The oldest recorded living stork is 39. Locals are hopeful the couple's long relationship will continue for years to come.
From Carolyn Greenwood
Photo by Bob Starkey


Cassie Turner
OVA Manager
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