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Schedules, Meetings, and Deadlines

Please see the calendar link below for times and locations. 

Aug 25-Sept 5, 2022 Colorado State Fair
September 1, 2022 Shooting Sports Council
September 5, 2022 CSU Extension Office Closed: Labor Day
September 7-8, 2022 State Fair Exhibit Pick Up
September 12, 2022 4-H Portfolios and E-Records Due (See Below)
September 12, 2022 Leadership Society
September 15, 2022 Horse and Dog E-Record Grading
September 21, 2022 Fair Board
September 26, 2022 Dog Advisory Committee Meeting
October 2, 2022 Horse Council
October 3, 2022 CSU Extension Office Closed: Frances Xavier Cabrinin
October 5, 2022 General Consumer Science Advisory Committee

The 2022 4-H Calendar is now available. Last Updated March 28, 2022.

(Please note that dates are subject to change, so check often.)
E-Records Due:

The following e-Records are due into the Extension Office before 4:00 p.m. on Monday, September 12, 2022:

Dog Project -- all e-records

Horse Project -- all e-records

Consumer Science/General Projects -- if you received a red ribbon or higher at the Pueblo County Fair, you do not need to turn in your e-record. If you received a white ribbon, participation ribbon, or if you did not exhibit at the Pueblo County Fair, you'll need to turn in your e-record.
Livestock e-records -- Livestock leaders grade e-records and need to send in their scores by September 23, and bring in their nominations for best e-record. So, talk to your livestock leader and ask them when they need your e-record so they can grade it and get us the scores by September 23.
Shooting Sports -- all e-records, even if you exhibited a project board or stand-alone at the Pueblo County Fair. While you might have multiple e-records for your shooting sports exhibits, you will turn in only ONE shooting sports e-record to be graded. If you have more than one shooting sports e-record, combine the information into one shooting sports e-record for all of your disciplines.  On the front cover of the shooting sports e-record, you will indicate your primary discipline in the “Unit Number and/or Title” section, but then you will also indicate any other disciplines you participated in during the 4-H year. 

While you will need to include information on all of your disciplines, the Shooting Sports council will pay particular attention to the discipline you list on the top left corner under “Unit”.  So, for example, a member in shotgun and air rifle who lists "Shotgun" as her unit would include inventory, pictures, logs, stories (and so forth) for both shotgun and air rifle; she would also make sure that the picture section contains at least 4 photos from the Shotgun discipline.  

If you have questions about any shooting sports e-records, please speak to the Superintendent for your discipline, or talk to one of your shooting sports leaders.
Completing the e-record is 1/3 of the requirement to complete the project. Members must complete their projects if they wish to take them the following year.

Project Completion Requirements are as follows (Please see the Pueblo County 4-H Policies):
1. Participate in a 4-H related (subject matter or audience) demonstration or other speech-arts presentation.
2. Participate in a 4-H sponsored community service activity
3. Complete a record book for each project the member is enrolled in with a score of 70% or above
Achievement Night Slideshow Submissions:

Do you have pictures from Camps, Conferences, County Fair, Council Meetings, Club Meetings, Contests, Community Service, or any other events or projects from this year? Submit them for inclusion in the Achievement Night "Year In Review" Slideshow! Any photos taken at 4-H events or meetings are appreciated, but group photos are extra great. We hope to see all clubs represented!

Please submit your photos via email by Friday, September 30th.

Pueblo County 4-H Career Award Applications:
Were you a Junior or Senior in high school last year? Were you involved in your 4-H club and activities at the County level? Possibly even some District, State, and National level events?

If so, YOU should apply for the Pueblo County 4-H Career Award! We give a limited number of these CASH awards to our most active 4-H members each year. The application is pretty quick to fill out – it’s mostly about listing dates and events (there is only one short answer question). You have to be able to earn a minimum of 180 of the 300 points possible on the application to be considered. Take a look at the application to see if you qualify! Click the image to be taken to a pdf copy of the application.

You will need your leader’s signature (handwritten) on this application, so please do not wait until the last minute to fill it out. Applications are due into the office in-person OR via email to Jen by Friday, September 30 at 5:00 PM

This application is four pages long – be sure to fill out the whole thing, including your point totals! You can fill it out using Excel (this is preferred since it will do the math for you as you add your points for each activity) OR you can fill it out by hand using the pdf version. Both versions are also attached to the email sent on August 12.

Recipients will be awarded at the 2022 Pueblo County 4-H Achievement Night. 

Achievement Night Banquet Tickets:

4-H Achievement Night will be on Friday, October 21, 2022, from 5:00 to 8:30 pm. Tickets to the banquet are on sale now! Tickets cost $12, with a limited number of youth tickets (age 7 and under) available for $7. Tickets may be purchased from the CSU Extension Office. 4-H Leaders and Volunteers may also claim one free ticket to thank you for your service this year.

If you have questions, contact Jen.

Extension Office Hours:

As of September 9, 2021, the Pueblo County Extension Office will be open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For the next few months and while we ramp up to being fully staffed, we encourage you to call (especially around the lunch hour) to ensure we have someone here to help you. Folks who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask. Folks who are not vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks. Our main number is 719-583-6566.
Code of Conduct:

Please see the Colorado 4-H Code of Conduct and Colorado State University’s Principals of Community, which provide valuable guidelines for our 4-H Community under Colorado State University. We thank you all for helping make the Pueblo County 4-H Program a safe, inclusive and welcoming place for everyone!
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4-H Policies and Procedures
Please be sure to visit the 4-H Policies and Procedures page on our Pueblo County Extension Website. Here you will find Pueblo County Policies, and Colorado State Policies, and the Code of Conduct. 
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