The June Bette Buzz

Our beloved Frank Bette Center for the Arts is at a crossroads of  flourishing or dying.  We are very short of people willing to take on the leadership roles needed to keep our working board, the core of our organization, functioning effectively. 

Many thanks to the volunteers who have stepped up for possible board positions or help with gallery minding:
Lowell Brook, Steve Crawford, Joyce Leighton, Diane Nelson, Neita Novo, Amy Patrick, Jeffrey Roper, Mark Schwabl, and Hannele Spanfelner.

We are still working on filling the following positions, so please continue to "step up" to help keep the center running smoothly.

Administrative Director: Takes board minutes, tracks internal paperwork/legal documents, sorts incoming mail, helps other directors maintain documentation of activities and responsibilities, oversees thank-you letters to donors.
Resource Director: Tracks membership payments and renewals. Schedules and tracks volunteers to help on all aspects of the Center.
Development Director: Promotes Fund raising for FBCA through events, donations, and grants.
Gallery Minders:  Keep the doors open Thursday-Sunday so we can sell your art.  And, you can be a gallery minder without ever using the computer! 

Please contact anyone at the center if you are interested!  Thank you

In the Main Gallery

Wild Life
June 5-June 27th.
Opening Reception
Friday June 12,  5-7pm
In the Signature Gallery

Travel and Leisure
Audrey Brown- Paintings
Diane Dove- Paintings
Nancy Lovelady- Mosaics
Ros Harper- Woodworking

June 5-June 27, 2015

Opening Reception
Friday June 5th, 7-9pm.
In the Satellite Gallery
The Frank Bette Center for the Arts is honored to be able to showcase the work of Linda Colnett at our Satellite Gallery, Eyewise Optometry.
Linda is a San Francisco artist who draws much of her inspiration from trees.  Growing up on the Texas South Plains where trees were scarce, she developed an intense respect for these silent giants of our world.  Saddened by the worldwide cutting of these beautiful plants has prompted her to devote much of her body of work to tree imagery.
Linda’s artwork will be hanging at Eyewise beginning March 16th through the beginning of July.  Eyewise is located in the Bridgeside Shopping Center (Nob Hill), 2651 Blanding, Suite B, Alameda. 

Cheers to the Hanging Team!
No, it is not what you think!  The only "hanging" going on is the artwork and there is a dedicated team that makes it happen whenever a show changes.  First, the "layout" team sorts  through the paintings to determine which ones go best together on the different walls. This is a "blind" process;  the artists remain unknown to the team.  Then wall hanging diagrams are made to show the dimensions of the paintings in relation to each other.  The "hangers" gather for a few evenings to string and put up each painting using the diagrams, fishing line, high ladders and lots of laughter.  Finally, each painting is identified and labels hung next to each one.  The whole process takes from 3-4 days.

So, cheers to the hanging team:  Margaret Fago, Genie Scott, Adele Aced, Eileen Blood-Golden, Ron Miller, Paul Feinberg, Sue Mathews, Sandi Adams, Michele and David Bock, Jill Kane, Joanne Clapp Fulgher, Yvonne Estrada, Steve Zegas, Alyx Morgan, Craig Smith, Tatiana Secu, Patricia Edith, Vince Storti, Barbara diSalvo, Dotti Rozman, Charles Lucke, and Patricia Prinz.  Hang Ros Harper is someone was forgotten!


Island Alliance of the Arts presents: CROSS CURRENTS
9th Annual Exhibition of California Artists . August 5-29, 2015

IAA, a Non Profit Organization, based in the city of Alameda, California, hosts CROSS CURRENTS, presenting artworks of new, emerging, and established artists. The IAA 2007-2014 exhibits were held at Rhythmix Cultural Works, Alameda Free Library and Alameda Museum.  IAA received a grant from the Alameda County Art Commission in 2007, which has partly supported these exhibits.  During the history of this event, IAA has presented the work of over 180 artists in CROSS CURRENTS exhibitions.
"CROSS CURRENTS suggests the power of creative forces converging.   Artists reach beyond traditional boundaries to interpret the many meanings of the title in their own style and medium."
Exhibit Dates:  August 5-29, 2015 at Alameda Museum.
Application Deadline:   Received or postmarked by June 15, 2015.  There will be no extensions.
Save the Date!  The Bette is having a "Garden Party" Sale for FBCA members Sunday August 16th from 2-5pm.

We hope to have the Frank Bette garden filled with creations  made by our very own artists. 

We are looking for  garden art such as:
-  Flags or banners made out of photographs
-  Wind chimes
-  Mosaic furniture
-  Stepping stones
-  Painted tiles
-  Garden sculptures, statues, and critters.
-  Bird houses
-  Painted planter Vases & Urns
-  Art that can be hung outside (Encaustics)
-  Decorated garden stakes

Member Artists:  There is no entry fee.  Artist commission for sales will be 60%.  We will also gladly accept donations of garden art or drought tolerant plants for the garden.

Classes, Workshops and Programs

Unleash your creativity and take a class!  Learn more about classes we offer

If you have a class or workshop you would like to teach, or a new program you would like to offer at the Bette, please contact our Class Coordinator

New!  Learn how to play the Ukulele

Instructor:  Janel Lenore

Dates:  Second and fourth Wednesdays.

Times:  2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:30pm

Want more music in your life?  Join the Acoustic Jam program every 3rd Wed. of the month from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm hosted by Janet Lenore.
The next one is June 17th!

Title: Oil Painting: Ongoing Classes 

Instructor:  Marshall Hasbrouck

Dates: Beginning June 13

Day & Time:  Saturdays, 9:00am – 11:00am

Cost per session: $25 Member; $30 Non-members 
PLEIN AIR PAINTOUT is coming in July!
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