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New Podcast: Heartfelt truth of the beauty of the Gospel and missions

I continue to manually digitize and edit the sound quality of important audio messages, rather than throwing them in the trash can. Although today's audio is actually from 2004, it rings true just as much today as it did back then. Why? Because it is the Proclamation of the Gospel and Encouragement in Biblical Discernment!

I have written a lengthy description about this message because I cried several times during this sermon. Jesus wept, and Paul wept, and the pastors I ministered to in South India wept. I also once saw Dave Hunt weep as he lovingly warned Calvary Chapel pastor's in the United Kingdom about the growing apostasy. I also know that Roger Oakland and I have cried as we have tried to warn others too, so I guess I am not alone. I am no where near Jesus Christ as far as brilliance in preaching, and I am not a Paul or a Dave or a Roger...I am just Chris. I am not trying to put these men on a pedestal, nor myself, but when you hear this message you will understand why I cry, and why Jesus wept over Jerusalem, and why Paul the apostle cried and warned believers with tears, for many years. PODCAST DESCRIPTION:
  • "Yesterday I was asked, “Do you preach the Gospel in churches?” My answer is, “Yes, I have for many years as a pastor and missionary.” These past few years however I have not been asked to speak quite as much as I used too. The clear reason for this is because while defending and proclaiming the Gospel, I do not neglect the biblical duty of exposing error and naming the names of known false teachers. I never do this to be harsh and unkind, but rather, to lovingly and biblically warn the body of Christ about the dangers of spiritual deception and end times apostasy. (Continue reading: SRN Blog and Audio Archive)
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