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Good Friday?

Resurrection Sunday?

Yes indeed...but what about the millions who have walked away from Jesus Christ because they have been spiritually abused, ripped-off by money preachers, and deceived by false teachings?

   This weekend, while countless millions of people around the world are celebrating the glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, millions of others will continue to languish in internal hidden agony over the physical and psychological abuses they have suffered at the hands of abusers.
     Many of these abusers, touting the name of Jesus Christ, have crippled their victims and made off with their money, their spouse, their children, their relatives, and much more.
     Furthermore, many of these hurting victims are now unable to function properly in day-to-day life because their own personal autonomous identity has been either tampered with, or ruined, by those that have victimized them.
     How can we help them?  We can help them by first educating ourselves and understanding WHY and HOW these people have been hurt! Many of these victims will even be sitting in Christian churches this weekend looking for answers, still very confused, and still wondering, "Why would God would allow such things to happen to me?"
     The first step towards helping them is for us to understand the dynamics of spiritual deception and the framework that cultic movements and spiritual abusers operate in. It all begins with the abuse of "authority."
     It is my prayer that the following audio message will help you to more effectively and more lovingly reach out to others this weekend and in the coming days. People should be rejoicing over the name of Jesus, not cringing when His name is spoken of.

Podcast: Cultic Patterns & Spiritual Abuse!

An overview
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  • Audio message includes: (1) a clear understanding that there are such things as "false shepherds" and "spiritual abusers," (2) discussion on properly defining words and biblical terminology, (3) counterfeit Christianity and how it redefine(s) biblical terminology, (4) reading of selected Scriptures - Deut. 13; Matt. 24; Acts 20; Gal. 1; Phil. 3; Col. 2; etc., (5) various false teachers in the church today, (6) pseudo-Christian cults, (7) the four main patterns found in Cults and abusive movements, (5) identifying spiritual abuse and various forms of Authoritaranism, 6) a brief mention of diminished personal autonomy, undue influence, duress, suicide, and more.

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Chris Lawson
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