Perilous Times and the True Purpose and Dangers of Yoga

Podcast: Perilous Times and the True Purpose and Dangers of Yoga

This past Friday I visited one of the wealthiest churches in Newport Beach, California.  With full permission from the "Holy Yoga" instructor, I sat quietly in the back of the church Yoga Class. I simply attended the class as an observer and I quietly wrote down some notes.  I was as transparent and kind and respectful as possible when I arrived early and I personally asked the instructor for permission to observe the class. Permission was granted. I then sat as silently as is humanly possible as an observer, sitting near the back of the yoga class. After about 15 minutes I was told to leave. Why was I told to leave? I was told to leave because I was "making people feel uncomfortable." Uncomfortable? Yes, "uncomfortable." For taking notes on "Holy Yoga", and as a Christian and former attendee of this church? 

Again, I simply went to observe the "Holy Yoga" class. Even the church website invites us to this class - "All generations and levels of experience are welcome!" As I sat and observed the blending of Yoga with Christianity, and was then asked to leave the Holy Yoga class, my concerns for the spiritual safety of the attendees was thoroughly validated - again!  (Perhaps more details on this later!) 

For those interested, here is my booklet on the real purpose and dangers of Yoga. YOGA and Christianity - Are They Compatible?  I mention "Holy Yoga" and numerous other so-called "Christian" Yoga programs, on page 15. See under the heading, The Conflict Between Yoga, "Christian" Yoga, and the Gospel.

PODCAST: Perilous Times and the True Purpose and Dangers of Yoga
Below are links to my recently digitized discernment seminar that I did way back in 1997. We posted this yesterday! The contents of this audio message apply now more than ever. I want to encourage you to pass these links on to your friends, and especially to people who are being led into so-called "Christian Yoga" and Holy Yoga" classes in "Christian" churches. Perilous times are here and Yoga is here to stay. It's in your community and possibly even in your own church fellowship too! 

Click here to view in-depth outline of the topics covered in this audio!
       1. Perilous times are here! (2 Tim 3:1- 17).
        2. Yoga has arrived in our communities!
        3. What is the “occult” and occultism? (various definitions).
        4. Community wide illustrations and literature samples
        5. Worldview clarifications:
        6. Our duty as Christians (Ephesians 5:6-14):
        7. What is Yoga?
        8. How did Yoga invade the West?
        9. Dissemination of Hindu and Buddhist variations of occult philosophies and teachings.
        10. Is this a New Age, or the same Old Lie that Lucifer (through the serpent) deceived Eve
with? (Genesis 3:1-5; Deuteronomy 13:1-3).
        11. The theory of Yoga (occult philosophy) inextricably tied to the practice of Yoga
(postural and meditative).
        12. The progression and ultimate goal of yoga leads to delusion and the destruction of the
individual human.
        13. Warnings, acknowledgements and dangers from the authoritative yoga texts.
        14. God’s purposes versus “Eastern [occult] ways” (occult spirituality and pagan religious
practices).  Hebrews 12:14; Hosea 2:5-6; Isaiah 47:8-15.
        15. Christianity and Eastern occult religions cannot be combined or blended.
        16. Salvation and victory through Jesus Christ!
        17. Final warning about Yoga!


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