I have posted a new "Welcome to SRN!" video on our SRN archive homepage, and I have also updated our bookstore (all donations for books help keep our websites online). Photos on our newer website have been replaced with numerous photos from ministry travels (Romania, Scotland, England, East Africa, etc.) and we have quite a few more archived audios to post in the coming weeks.

Here also is a brand new Radio Interview, recorded on February 15, 2015.


NEW PODCAST: Cult Evangelism In the Church

Radio Interview with Cindy Hartline of Love For The truth Radio

The following text is part of the description from a recent Interview that I did with radio show host Cindy Hartline, of Philadelphia's Love For The Truth Radio.
  • Is My Church Acting Like A Cult? Have some seemly “Bible believing Churches” become Cults?  Many people have been hurt by these type of churches because of their cult-like operation and attitude...Read more
Some of the topics that Cindy and I discussed include:
  • Introduction to Cult-Evangelism
  • The Evangelizing of cultic belief systems
  • Hindrances of discerning and leaving cults
  • False gospels being taught
By way of illustration, we also discussed the tragic and ungodly merchandising of the body of Christ that is taking place through the endless sale of occult, mystical and heretical literature found in many so-called "Christian" bookstores.

Radio Program links:
I do hope that these audio links can be of help to you. We are certainly living at a time when earnestly contending for the Christian faith (Jude 3) is increasingly unpopular, and quote a few of the trusted discernment ministires are either compromising, or the Lord is graciously taking His Watchman home, one-by-one!  Please pray for our ministry and the resources to carry on as there is much that goes on behind the scenes that greatly hinders us - and many others - from time-to-time.

Chris Lawson, Director
Spiritual Research Network
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